Choosing the right swimwear can be a real burden. We know that, we dread that, yet if we want to go to that long holiday in the beautiful island of Skopelos we need to go through the difficult task of buying swimwear we feel comfortable in but also look elegant and confident.

Most women absolutely loathe going shopping for swimwear and that is quite understandable. Regardless of your body shape, wearing a swimsuit after months of wearing winter clothes can be a bit intimidating to say the least. Add any possible extra weight gained to that and shopping can become a real nightmare.

But that should not be the case anymore. We are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and knowing and embracing our body shape can help us choose the right swimsuit successfully. The right swimwear can do wonders on our figure and I am not referring to women with “Gisele Bundchen” proportions. We all have, even Gisele I would like to think, parts of our body we feel comfortable about and want other people to see and admire and parts we wish they could just disappear.

So, picking the right swimwear is based on exactly that: presenting your best assets while disguising your “imperfections” depending on your body shape.

No body shape is perfect. Learn to love yours!
No body shape is perfect. Learn to love yours!
  • Pear shape:  defined waist and are larger at the bottom and smaller at the top

Need to emphasize on the upper part of the body to balance out the wider hips. so anything cleavage-exposing is ideal and also high-waist 60s style bottoms are perfect. And of course, ruffles. As far as colors are concerned, go for brighter colors at the top and darker for the bottom.

  • Apple shape: are more filled in the midsection and usually have very beautiful legs

Apple shape is the opposite of pear. So, with this body shape you need to draw attention to the lower part of your body, your lean legs and narrow waist. For the top part of your swimwear, consider wide straps and great support for your bust.

  • Strawberry/ Inverted triangle: the bottom half of the body is smaller than the top, with little definition between the waist and the hips

Like with the straight body shape, you need to create a slimming effect at the waist. Halters with plunging V-necks are really flattering as are blouson and baby-doll styles.

  • Rectangle/straight: often referred to as “cylindrical”. It has very few curves and minimal waist definition

This type of body shape needs swimwear that will give the impression of a waist, so a belted swimwear is ideal as are diagonal stripes. Optical illusion prints as well as zig-zag patterns are also perfect for creating “curves”, as well as plucking necklines and so are ruffled and/or embellished tops.

  • Hourglass: waist is much smaller and well-defined than the bust and hips

This body shape is the one that looks good in absolutely anything. Still, remember that a bikini will emphasize your waist, a halter will draw attention to your bust. Bright color, prints, high-waist bottom or one-piece with cut-outs, look good on on this body shape. And if you think that a one-piece is too conservative, how about one with cut-outs or in crochet.

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