The nail “Don’ts”

Don’t go to the salon too often: We, quite often, are so preoccupied with so many things of our everyday life that we simply cannot be bothered with doing our nails.

pedicureWhen we go to a nail salon and someone else takes care of them makes us really happy. Alternatively, for some, it is a ritual they do whenever they want to pamper themselves for something, like the extra work they had to put in to finish a project at work or, the neverending effort of being a mother.

Still, a recent study revealed that women who regularly visit a nail salon are more likely to have dry, brittle nail and suffer nail infections. The reason probably is the harsh chemicals they often use and the instruments, that might not get disinfected properly. So, if you have planned weekly trips to the nail salon, think again and your nails will end up looking better.

Leave the cuticles alone: The cuticle is there to serve a purpose, to protect the nail bed and surrounding area from the insertion of bacteria and fungi. If you remove this natural barrier, something that often happens in nail salons, the protection against infections is lost.

The least harmful thing you can do is, after you had a shower or bath, gently push back cuticles using an ear pad and moisturise.

Avoid nail hardeners: Often, women, with weak nails use nail hardeners to prevent them from breaking. Do they see a change on their nails? Usually not. Unless you have extremely fragile nails, a nail hardener will have the opposite effect than the one you desire. Something that is hard will break more easily that something flexible and healthy nails are flexible.

hands and feetThe nail problems we usually face are most commonly related to external conditions we subject them to. Often, however, our nails can become the mirror of possible health issues that we need to pay attention to and definitely not ignore:

  • White nails with a darker color at the tip
  • Half pink/half white nails
  • Yellow nails
  • Bluish nail beds
  • Pale nail beds
  • Nails with dark straight across

(Source: MedlinePlus)

Give your nails the attention they require!

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