The Denver Post’s marijuana news site The Cannabist are now hiring! You don’t need many skills nor a BSc(hons) from Oxford University. All you need is a never ending love for marijuana and sex. Yes, you heard right and you don’t even need to send your CV. The Cannabist launched just days before January 2014 and since it has covered all things marijuana – from business to politics to strain reviews — and will now, apparently, cover sex.

Their official website says :  “Our new sex columnist will:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Have a strong background in writing on deadline, journalism and getting it right the first time.
  3. Have a professional work ethic and solid social media skills.
  4. Be ready to write about sex and marijuana publicly under your given name.

If you’re still a candidate, here’s how you can apply.

Send us one email (via this form with an all-caps “LET’S WRITE ABOUT SEX” in the subject line) by Oct. 1:

  1. Your full given name and city of residence.
  2. One paragraph, no more than 100 words, on why you’re qualified to be The Cannabist’s sex columnist.
  3. A sex and relationship column — on the topic of your choice — of 300-600 words.

Our new freelance columnist will write about sex, relationships, intimacy, gender issues and more as it all relates to a world where marijuana is becoming legal — and oftentimes present in the bedroom. Our columnist will write about his or her own history, address trends, review related products and answer reader questions. This is a paid freelance position, and our ideal candidate will truly put him or herself out there.

That’s it. We don’t want your resumes. No cover letters either. Pay careful attention to the word requirements. And meet our deadline of Oct. 1.”

So, hurry up, time is running out!

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