[dropcap type=”1″]D[/dropcap]eciding to visit  Moscow is a truly amazing and unique adventure. An experience filled with many colors and beautiful images. Tickets cost around 1300 euros (1750 USD). and you will need at least 2000 euros (2700 USD), to have as spending money in order to be able to take part  in most sightseeing experiences  and have enough  money for some souvenirs to take back home too including, of course, their famous Vodka.

As you understand, this kind of trip is better to be organized  through a travel agency with a group as it lowers the costs of the hotels and food which are both very expensive in Russia. Mineral water is sold in bottles which is the safest option as tap water is not very drinkable.

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Every single cathedral , every single church and palace has its own unique intriguing history.

Including in the hotel price I paid through the travel agency was the rich international buffet breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Russian style dinner was an experience on its own with a wide variety of choices, local salad and plenty of salmon which is a must appetizer in Moscow. Fresh coffee is served plenty and it comes in many varieties.

There are so many things for someone who is visiting Moscow can see and so many places to explore. Every single cathedral , every single church and palace has its own unique intriguing history. They were built for a reason and nothing has been constructed in vein or to just contribute to the architecture of the city. Starting with the many churches, on the outside they are covered in gold and decorated with strange designs while the inside is filled with hundreds of paintings from famous painters.

[quote_box_center]The decoration of most cathedrals is equal to the value of most palaces covered in timeless murals, expensive paintings, amazing wood carvings, every single piece of art made out of gold giving the impression of the absolute wealth of that era’s Chars and coming in direct contrast to the very poor class of people that lived alongside them.[/quote_box_center]

Having read the ‘Resurrection’ by Leo Tolstoy, I felt like turning back the years to the 14th Century Russia and living in that era’s reality. Besides, the whole of the country is a living history.

The underground palace of Russia!

Moscow’s underground is the biggest in the world and it has been given the nickname ‘the underground palace of Russia’, being 150 meters below the surface and being decorated as lavishly and expensively as the palaces of the country.

More than twenty kinds of marble were used such as granite, porphyry, rhodonite, onyx and other metals.Decorated with statues, sculptures, paintings, mosaics and murals.  A real palace  beneath the earth!

The famous Red Square where the army regularly parades has space for 15.000 visitors. Bolshoi’s theater, Pushkin’s National Museum of Arts, the enormous city squares filled with all sorts of flowers and statues, the Novodevichy Monastery, which used to serve a different purpose back then than it is today, are a few of the amazing sightseeing you can enjoy in Moscow.

red square
Red Square

I am not sure if it even remotely possible to be able to accurately describe the splendor and the glory of the whole city’s incredible architecture.

While in Moscow, it is almost impossible to miss out on the the opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg,  which for many years was the capital of Russia. Cathedrals like the one of Peter and Paul’s cannot leave noone  indifferent and not ; it is worth mentioning here that Peter the Great designed Saint Petersburg in order to look like an earthly Russian paradise.

The most astounding period in Saint Petersburg are the so called ‘white nights’ where it doesn’t get dark for three whole months from May until the end of July.The Church of the Resurrection which was build as homage to the Russian Emperor Alexander II, who was killed by terrorists, the Mikhailovsky castle, the Marble Palace in which  32 disparate shades of marble were used to decorate it are some of the most extraordinary pieces of architecture in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg proudly features 500 bridges

The city was built by European engineers and so it gives it a some kind of a European look. The weather in Moscow is totally unpredictable and that adds up to its magic. The State of the Hermitage Museum inside where three million western paintings are kept ,satisfies every taste ; that is where Catherine the Great lived – the richest and the most unhappy woman in the world !

Saint Petersburg proudly features 500 bridges that connect over 100 islands in the city! I will never be able to forget this unique experience and I am looking forward to visiting Moscow again and share all this and more with loved ones.

I wholeheartedly suggest you make Moscow your next destination – it will be a life changing experience.

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