To celebrate our first Christmas with you, our readers, back in September, we planned a massive holiday giveaway. We picked a total budget of 250 euros in Amazon credit for our winners, and brainstormed hard until we found the best way to get you involved in winning said prizes.
You were going to find and share with us your favourite AL quotes from the past year, and it was going to be a jolly, grand time.

Then, we thought of how the scandals, crises, resizing and austerity are affecting so many European countries and US states, and decided that maybe that time could be spent more wisely, as a present from all of us at AL, which includes you, to families in need.

We didn’t have to reach far, and talked to the supermom behind SuperMoms Rock, Sofia Athanasiadou. The prize money for the contest that never was went to families in need in the Athens area, where hard-working men and women hit hardest by budget cuts were not even able to afford heating during the winter.

It was a great experience, and Sofia kicked into high gear to get food and cleaning supplies to distribute to those in need.

Perhaps, now that Christmas festivities are winding down, and as we prepare to celebrate a new year, it’s time to look to others to help, a little. It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t have to feature the horror-struck faces of innocent children, as Unicef and friends seem to feel the need to remind us every single year, at the one time we can gather with our loved ones.

Find a local outreach program, and give what you can. Clothes, old toys, food – there are fantastic services everywhere, staffed by helpful volunteers who will redistribute your donations to those in need a few streets away. If you have any difficulty finding a place near your home, let us know, and we’ll reach out to our community to see if we can help out!

Have a happy holiday time, whichever holiday or bank holiday you happen to be celebrating – we have so much lined up for you next year!

Our haul for the affected families of Athens:

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