It’s done: Victoria Beckham opened her first ever store on Mayfair’s Dover street in London today. A 6040 square foot store that has been on the cards for almost two years as Victoria herself admitted.

She teamed up with architect Farshid Moussavi, a Harvard professor whose past works include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, Ohio, to design the stunning space which spans across 3 floors and features raw polished concrete floors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and  supersized dressing rooms. Unnecessary ‘ugly’ tills are nowhere to be seen as all transactions will be made via iPad, thus eliminating the need for cash registers.

As Victoria herself stated about her “second home”: “I wanted a space that was conceptual but also warm and welcoming. There are a lot of people, the general public, who’ve continued on this journey with me, and I want everybody to feel welcome, whether they’re going to buy something, or whether they just want to come and check out the architecture. And I really wanted people to get a sense of me the minute they walked through the door.”

A big, sliding concrete door marks the entrance, and the street-facing window has no display. Instead, passersby will be able to look straight into the ground floor, where accessories on retractable shelves, and the VVB and Denim collections are on display.

And of course, even if your budget does not allow for a purchase from Victoria’s boutique, there is always the chance of running into David Beckham and that makes a visit to the store worthwhile.

(Source: WWD)


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