It is summer and as temperatures have reached an all time high, the less clothes we wear the more comfortable we feel. From summer dresses to crop tops to tiny shorts, summer is the season one wants to put on their body nothing more that the basics. So why not make the basics more fun?

And here is where fashion designers stepped in and gave an old fashion trend a fresh touch and re-established the underwear-as-outerwear trend once again. This time however, contrary to the past, it is not so much about what it is visible but what is left in the imagination.

Giambattista Valli S/S 2014 collection
Giambattista Valli S/S 2014 collection

At the spring/summer 2014 collections designers like Giambattista Valli, Dolce & Gabbana and Isabel Marant mixed innerwear and outerwear either as revealing see-through skirts or bra-tops.

I understand that your first reaction after reading this is probably: “That’s not possible, that is only for women with the body proportions of a top model etc”. Well, actually you are wrong. As Sarah Shotton, the creative director of Agent Provocateur, said “this trend is not about showing up for work with a pencil skirt and a bra; it is about giving a hint of something”. And that hint any woman, of any body shape and size can provide.

Still, it takes a woman who has a certain attitude to pull off this look without looking tacky. And if you are unsure how to start, here are some simple ways to do it.

Sheer tops

Sheer tops are one of the most sophisticated ways to show off your lingerie. If you have a truly eye-catching bra that deserves to be seen, wear a light-weight chiffon top over the top. Just remember, that you should never wear a lacy bra with a sheer top.


Corsets usually give a smooth line from the cinched-in waist to the bust with no accommodation for the bust. Bustiers, on the other hand, emphasize a lady’s curves, and tend to push the breasts up and together to create cleavage and an hourglass figure. The bustier usually has cup-shapes built in to the top part of the garment to facilitate definition of the bust. Whether you choose to go for one or the other, know that this garment can be easily worn at work. Pair it with a skirt under a conservative sweater for a professional yet sexy look, or your favorite pair of jeans for a casual yet seductive look.


They have a super delicate appearance and are a great garment to wear if you want to follow this trend. Whether made of lace or any other kind of sheer fabric, they can be paired perfectly with a pencil skirt or a high waisted pair of trousers.

Illusion hosiery

This is the most reserved way to follow this trend. Celebrities like Rihanna have often been spotted out and about wearing super-short mini skirts with visible stockings and suspenders. You can do too even if you are not that daring. How? Choose a pair of faux-suspender tights.


High Waisted 50′s style knickers, often seen on Lady Gaga, are still around and for the daring can be worn as hot pant style shorts. If you want to avoid showing too much leg you can pair them with hosiery or you can wear them under something that’s slightly sheer. Just make sure that their high waist covers your belly button.

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