I never really understood the people who like to wake up really early in the morning, especially during cold days, and go for a walk/run or take part in any other outdoor activity.

Early cold mornings can only mean one thing: feeling cosy and warm in bed until the alarm goes off. If you don’t have children, that is. Parenting comes with its own alarm clock(s) which don’t need batteries to work and which make sure they get you out of bed very early, even in the weekends.

Training for my first trail run race last week meant having to work-out whenever I could get some free time. One of those days was very very early in the morning. My weather app showed 3 degrees Celsius but MY real feel was -30!

When I run, I go through different stages of emotions, feelings and of physical and mental challenge. I bet every runner has their own, too. In this last, almost, such stage of that day’s run I ended up in this beautiful field usually full of cows but now empty.

[quote_box_center]A silent, misty moment that can only inspire tranquility and inner focus. Those trees ahead meant only one thing: home! ….  [/quote_box_center]

Having been the near ending of a difficult, uphill run… I turned my music off so I can hear the sounds of nature and run through this golden and green field, enjoying every single step till the end.

(Photograph by: Effie Papadopoulou) 

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