[dropcap type=”1″]L[/dropcap]ife is difficult. Our days are filled with either too much work or too many things to do or sometimes both. We live in a hectic society where everything has to happen fast and we are asked to be the best at all of those things. We often read about terms such as: ‘supermom’,  ‘superwoman’and we mentally try to fit into those As women , society’s demands of us are vastly enormous and our definition  has become complicated and combined with multi skills and abilities that would even turn Super girl green with envy!

These face paced, extremely demanding situations have created a new wave of emotionally ‘suffering’ women. In the last few years, women’s complains  about too much stress, nervousness  and angst amongst other emotions have been on the up and the need for soul-searching, anxiety reducing ways and techniques is imperative.

forgive 2
Forgiving is one of the hardest things!

All those feelings cause us to be angry, upset and we are often short-tempered we shout , swear and get out of control.  It is very easy to get upset, actually. Most of the people that were coming to my office were complaining of  getting  angry very often and over very trivial matters.

On the other hand , it is very difficult to forgive and  try to see someone else’s point of view, understand how they feel and why they are acting this way. Forgiving their bad behavior or actions towards us doesn’t mean, of course, that we should tolerate offensive and violent behavior.

I used to often get angry with small children crying uncontrollably in public places and restaurants  and also angry at their mothers who seemed not to bother much. I could never understand why they can’t just make them stop ! They could have set the rules at home on how their children should behave while being out and establish the consequences of not following up with there rules.

forgive 3
Understand, forgive, get over it and give them a chance.

Once, on a typical work day,  I was waiting for my train in a tube station somewhere; next to me there was this woman trying to control her hysterical child. At some point her son run away from her and tripped and fell over in front of me. The mother, thinking that it was my fault somehow began an angry rant towards me, accusing me of her sons accident. I tried explaining but with no luck. After ten minutes of this, I had enough and I gave back as good as I got before walking away from her,  giving one of my final insulting lines. I felt so angry!

Seven to eight years later here I am, having had two children of my own, having been in situations that one can never clearly describe to anyone else other than women who have lived through the same,  or get people to really comprehend  them, having been in that place where, as a mother of small children, I am exhausted, worn-out, drained, totally depleted, and I know that it’s quite impossible to calm down a very tired child who might have had a bad day too, or might be in pain, or hungry and thirsty or another one of 3000 reasons children cry about…I finally got it.

[quote_box_center]Get into someone’s shoes, consider the fact that they just might have had a very bad day or another million of problems you can never even think of and before you get angry with anyone…understand, forgive, get over it and give them a chance. It will make you feel much better, I promise.[/quote_box_center]

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