We usually get bombarded with messages of never giving up, always fighting for what we want, messages of preservation and great effort. What if I was to tell you that sometimes you just have to simply walk away?

No-one really wants to lose and give up. We don’t like feeling like failures and winning is in everyone’s mind no matter what the task or purpose is (Read: ‘Can’t Find Motivation? These Tips ill Help’).

However, this is not always possible and when that happens we should be able to just walk away feeling proud and fulfilled without the negative conceptions and taboos that ‘losing’ brings about.

You should consider that many times the targets you set in life are not realistic. Instead of losing, learn to just give up a certain task that you see won’t be achieved, no matter what you do (Read: ‘When Love is Lost: Dealing with a Breakup’). This way you will save your self a lot of heartache, disappointment and unwanted stress.

walking awayIf your relationship is reaching its end, leave it, walk away. Don’t try making things worse when you know deep down that there is no way of saving it. When something has died, let it go. If you feel like taking revenge – don’t (Read: ‘Are you having a Bad Day? That’s OK’).  This way you will know for sure that you have managed to deal with your problem and you are over it. Taking revenge on something or someone never ends up in a good way for any of the parties involved.

It is, besides, a well known reality that the best kind of revenge is to ignore the person who you want to target until you have totally forgotten about the issue that troubled you (Read: ‘Simple Steps to a Happier Life’).

[quote_box_center]Giving up, only shows that you are in charge of a situation, that you have found inner peace and know yourselves, that you are mindfully walking away from a situation which has already ended and you are saving yourself a variety of bad unnecessary feelings and emotions.[/quote_box_center]

Try it! You will see for yourselves how much better that will make you feel!

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