[dropcap type=”1″]S[/dropcap]o, you met him, you liked him, you feel in love with him. You both decided to unite your lives in marriage. How strong is that bond though? Two people living together without having something very strong to bond them is not enough. You have to live your joint life with passion! And lots of it!

Richard Templar, worldwide known manager and writer of many books, believes that two people who have decided to get married should have common experiences and an intense emotional bond that will help them fulfill their dreams. He says that “love is not for the half dead, for those who are in deep sleep or for the idle. That’s why you should make an effort to stay awake , to be in touch. You have to have common dreams and ambitions, plans and purposes. You have to have passion for your life together.”

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Your partner is there so you can have a strong, healthy and good relationship

All relationships have ups and downs (even long distance ones) and we all get bored sometimes and we let go. You, though , have devoted your lives to each other and that demands concentration, strength and passion, constant effort and enthusiasm. You have to care about your partner, make him happy, always be in love with him and to help him succeed and be fulfilled as a person.

You decided to marry, so I guess that none of you plans to get a divorce. You are married because you want this relationship to work, for life. Get to work then; a successful marriage requires mutual trust , responsibility and the strong wish to be happy. You have to try much harder; marriage means constant work and that shouldn’t have to be such a bad thing. None of the people involved in a marriage want to cheat! Your partner is not only there for chatting when you feel bored or to take you shopping. Your partner is there so you can have a strong, healthy and good relationship.

If this relationship is not a motive to want to live a fulfilling, passionate life…then what is?

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