What does happiness look like? The question on everyone’s mind, buzzing around constantly. We are all looking for happiness. We spend all our lives searching, we read numerous books that instruct us how to find it, we even go to therapy in case the answer lies there. Does happiness have a lot of money? Is happiness a green field full of flowers, warmed up by the sun that dances around in the sound of butterflies? Some people think that happiness is a good meal, an exceptional sweet treat, or a passionate night with the one they love.


If you are one of the rest of the world who is still looking for happiness, I am afraid I have some bad news for you. You will never find happiness if you still seek it. Happiness doesn’t lie in the past or the present, happiness won’t happen in the future and it doesn’t come only to some.

Happiness doesn’t choose moments and people, is not an invisible virtue nor a stroke of luck.

Happiness doesn’t exist in rich villas, in celebrities’ homes or expensive restaurants. It doesn’t need to be advertised, praised, or showed off. Happiness is not exclusive, it doesn’t come with a big bang nor does it need to be searched for.

happiness7People think that happiness is a state of being which happens eternally and without interruptions. Only by seeing happiness for what it really is, will we be able to live a fulfilling life!

Happiness is humble; it doesn’t ask for much. It is millions of moments in our lives that we just take for granted. Happiness is when you help an old woman cross the road, the poor child you bought a sandwich for. Happiness are the moments you spend just kissing your children and hearing them call you ‘mom’.

happiness5Happiness is a relaxing walk in the sun or a thoughtful moment in the rain. Happiness is when you cook for someone, when someone smiles at you or when you say ‘thank you’. An afternoon coffee with your loved ones , a warm cuddle in the cold, a meaningful kiss. Happiness are all the times you heard the doctor telling you that your daughter or son is well and you could go back home.

It is the hundreds of nights you spend walking up and down the corridor, trying to make your baby sleep. All the lullabies you sung and all the funny faces you came up with.

happiness5Happiness is a moment in time that could even last  for just one minute. All those memories we have of loved ones, the photos we took that remind us of a different time. Happiness happens every day; we just need to open our minds and see it, since our eyes are failing this task.

Happiness is where there is love, where a friend reaches out for you. It exists in the times when someone thinks of you, when you get a present, when a friend texts you just to ask if you are OK.

happiness6Happiness is not complicated. It doesn’t need to be a big event or a permanent reality. Happiness is created by us, in the way and the perceptions we choose to live our lives by. Happiness also happens all of a sudden, in situations we never expected it to. We feel it when we give, when we help others, when we make someone’s day a bit better. We see it in the innocent and full of love, eyes of children. Moments of family bliss is happiness.

Sometimes it smiles at us and in return we turn our back to happiness. Most of the times, even, we are not aware of its existence and we question it. Noone is ever always happy. Happiness lies in the way we react, in the possibilities we can see and in the life we can create for ourselves and the ones we love. Happiness doesn’t have ‘but’s’.

Happiness is love; and we are ALL capable of loving.


Psychologist, world citizen, mother - Effie is one half of the alwaysladies.com founding pair. She can bring to life any party with either a smile, or a strong opinion. If like us you can't get enough of Effie, visit her blog at www.thethinkingmomblog.com

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