Health benefits

Researchers have investigated whether pomegranate seeds, juice and/or seed oil can protect and/or manage specific health issues. A number of results have been collected that indicate the potential health-promoting properties of this mythical fruit:

Love your heart
Love your heart
  • support for a healthy heart: the fruit’s anti-oxidative consistency has potential preventative properties against numerous pathological changes associated with cardiovascular disease, like hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease
  • control of diabetes and prevention of diabetes-related health hazards: studies demonstrated that pomegranate prevents aberrantly high blood sugar levels in diabetics and also protects their heart and lungs
  • beneficial against cancer growth: the anti-oxidants present in pomegranates are effective against specific types of cancer, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and leukaemia, by preventing cancer cells from growing
  • protects and prevents obesity: studies have shown that pomegranate and its extracts help in fat reduction. They also aid in losing weight easier
  • extra protection for hemodialysis (HD) patients:  protects them from inflammation, infections and the progression of atherosclerosis
  • builds strong bones: it helps maintain joint integrity,  inhibits the development of osteoarthritis and protects against bone mass loss in menopausal syndrome in women
  • help fight anemia: its high iron levels will raise the levels of hemoglobin in your blood helping with anemia
  • support your digestive system: the juice, which has been used by practitioners in India for many centuries due to its antibacterial properties, can help aid digestion and nausea, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, or treat constipation
  • excellent supplement during pregnancy: its juice has been shown to prevent cramps and sleep problems during pregnancy and maintain health
  • promising primary results on averting Alzheimer’s
  • increases libido in both men and women
  • sustaining dental care: emerging research suggests that this wonder fruit fights dental plaque that can ultimately lead to gum disease and cavities

Beauty benefits

Despite all the ongoing research about the health benefits of pomegranate, modern science verified the ancient wisdom about its beauty effects also:

Your beauty fruit
Your beauty fruit
  • prevents skin aging: both the fruit, juice or seed oil help restore wrinkles protects and regenerates cells on the outer and inner surface of the skin
  • sun protection: their high value in antioxidants offers the skin great protection against free radicals that can cause skin damage, skin cancer and sunburn
  • enhance young-looking skin: pomegranate improves skin elasticity by preventing collagen damage and extending the life of collagen-and-elastin producing cells, known as fibroblasts
  • provide moisture: pure pomegranate seed oil easily penetrates the deeper layers of the skin offering extra moisture wherever it is needed
  • helps with acne problems: uncontrolled excretion of sebum is one of the route causes of acne. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, that regulates the production of sebum and hence controls acne

Find a way to enjoy pomegranate daily so that next time you see one in a grocery store you will not pass it by and all of its super powers!

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