It is official! If 45 per cent of your breasts are above the line of your nipples and around 55 per cent below, then you belong to the boob elite, according to well-known London-based plastic surgeon Patrick Malluci. His claim is also supported by a whopping 87% of the public who took part in the recent nationwide poll that was reported in the Sun.

He pointed glamour model Kelly Brook as the perfect example of this with her nipples pointing upward at an angle of 20 degrees. Her breasts are slightly fuller below the ‘nipple meridian’ than above giving her the best name when it comes to breast business.

It is not the first time Ms Brooks’s bust has been given so much attention; she has been adored by underwear fashion designers for many years and was also been awarded the ‘best cleavage’ title in March by Ann Summer’s readers.

Breast surgeon Mr Malluci, claimed that ‘the most-appealing female breasts should be only slightly smaller above the nipple than below. To support his hypothesis, he asked 1,300 people to rank four breast types with different proportions.’

But should you worry too much if you don’t fit in those proportions? Definitely not. Breast ‘categories’ are just another way women are made to feel insecure about their body image ending up on surgical tables which just add to their financial and emotional stress.

We should all be  advocating for the right to feel good about ourselves and not be bombarded by ‘perfect’ images of the ideal women. We should love our breasts regardless of their size and shape. We also need to teach our daughters that so they won’t become the victims of the future generation of females who will feel ashamed of who they are.

Besides, research has shown that breasts are the third thing a man notices in a woman he meets for the first time! Almost 70% of 1000 men who took part in the study insisted that the eyes are the first female feature that gets their attention.
(Source: The Sun)


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