Winter without sweaters is like sea without water. Turtleneck, V-neck, body-hugging or loose-fitting, sweaters are comfortable, extra cozy and warm. Still, they are some of the most unflattering and boring items in your wardrobe you are seriously considering throwing away and moving to Hawaii.

You might be wrong, though, since there are ways to wear sweaters all day, everyday, even for a night out, and look extremely stylish and sexy.

  • Sweaters are usually quite bulky and shapeless. Team them up with a belt around your waist to define your silhouette and make you look slimmer. The thicker the knit on your sweater the thicker the belt for a perfectly balanced effect.


sweater with belt

  • Layer them up with different texture garments, like a light-fabric collared shirt (to avoid adding bulk) that you will wear underneath it. For a professional look, make sure the collar peeks out from the top of the sweater or, roll your sleeves of your sweater up for a more retro look.

sweater with shirt

  • Mix fabrics to create a romantic vintage look. Pair your favorite thick sweater with a silk ethereal skirt and you will surely turn many heads while out and about.

sweater with skirt

  • Contrast will take you a step further. Wear a pair of skinny jeans or unique leggings with a fluffy, loose sweater for both comfort and style.


  • For a “rock star” edge, pair your sweater with leather fitted pants and a pair of studded booties. A cut-out sweater will “rock” your look to the maximum.

sweater with leather trousers

  • Short sleeve sweaters can become more interesting if worn with a long sleeve blouse underneath. Play with the colors and patterns of the blouse for a “fun” aesthetic appeal.

short sleeve sweater

Many women will mistakenly think that unless you have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, you will never be able to wear a sweater in any of the above ways and successfully pull it through. This is absolutely not true! Sweaters can be worn by any woman regardless of her size and body shape; just go for the style that better suits your assets.
Tips & tricks
  1. Go for sweater that falls no longer than your waist line if you don’t want all the wrong attention drawn to your derriere.
  2. A wide V-neck or sweetheart neck sweater is very flattering and suits all body shapes, making you look slimmer and will emphasize away from the parts of your body you want to keep unnoticed.
  3. Never try to hide your body underneath a big sweater because you will end up doing the exact opposite. Instead, try wearing a sweater with cigarette pants or a pencil-style skirt that will lengthen your figure.
  4. A turtleneck sweater is flattering regardless of your body shape as it elongates the torso and even helps not very tall women appear taller.
  5. Glam up your style with a nice long necklace or an off-the shoulder sweater accessorised with a pair of long eye-catching earrings and all eyes will be drawn to your beautiful face and neckline.

Style your sweater chic this winter as warm and comfortable clothing can be flattering and stylish after all!

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