Leanna, a 5-year-old girl from Cincinnati, likes to wear superhero shirts at school. But that preference of hers did not go well with some of the boys at her school, as they started teasing her about superhero shirts being only for boys.

Her 7 year old sister, Adalina, came to her rescue, declaring Wednesday, 1st of October, to be “Wear Your Superheroes Day” on Facebook.

The two girls, with the help of their family, set up a Facebook event called “Wear Your Superhero Day” and invited people to post pictures of themselves wearing their favorite superhero attire. The results were impressive, as people of all ages participated posting plenty of pictures of different superheroes with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes.

The girls’ mother, Mindy Nagel, was overwhelmed by the response of so many people: “it is really amazing how it started out as me and my girls and just trying to show my girl that boys and girls are equal and it turned into this big event“.

One photo that got plenty of comments came from military veteran Stacy “Doc” Dickey, who posted a picture of herself in combat gear with a caption that said: “Who says a girl can’t do/wear WHAT? Horse-hockey!” And also commented “my own daughter has grown into a lovely mix of femininity and fortitude, never having been allowed to hear the words ‘girls can’t do that.’ I wish the best for you and your girls. I hope they see life has as much to offer them as it does to the boys. They just have to step up to the plate and work for it.”

The two little girls probably have no idea the impact their idea had on helping people support their personal choices and boosting their confidence. What Adalina has done for her sister proves that it takes a simple act of kindness to make someone feel special. How about we all start showing to our loved ones how much they mean to us? And we will surely become the superheroes of their hearts.

(Source: CNET)

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