On September the 2nd 2013, a tragic and shocking accident took place in Bucharest, Romania; Ionut, a four-year old boy was killed. His death was immediately blamed on stray dogs while the real story which emerged later was that the boy had been sexually abused and thrown in a very rugged area where he was found dead. Due to the fact the the area  was used by stray dogs as shelter and visible dog bites were found on his body the medical examiner concluded that these bites ended his life. He later admitted that he had to hide the boy’s sexual abuse due to intense pressure by the media , who had already run the story that stray dogs killed the boy.

On September the 10th 2013, a new law passed sanctioning the brutal killing of all homeless dogs captured in the streets, whether they were friendly or not sterilised or not, old or puppies and those in the shelters. There are already reports of stray dogs disappearing and gun shot being heard during the night. Hundreds of thousands of dogs’ lives are at stake.

‘The Romanian President, Traian Basescu, blithely ignoring European Union humanitarian laws with respect to dog population management, urged the government to create an emergency ordinance that all stray dogs be killed at once, essentially authorizing its citizens to viciously execute stray dogs everywhere throughout the country. The President of the Chamber of Deputies echoed the President’s decree and asked for draft legislation. As the rest of the world shudders in disbelief, Romania has just legalized the genocide of hundreds of thousands of its dogs’ (IDA)

The whole world is shocked. How can the vicious killing of animals ever bring the innocent child back or mask the fact that what  is about to happen or already happening goes against every human ethical code. Romania has been faced with this problem for a long time.

‘For over 20 years the dogs have been chased, captured and killed in numerous cruel and painful ways.They have been shot, poisoned, hung, burnt to death or crammed into small kennels to die of hunger and thirst. The most common way of putting dogs to sleep in municipal dog pounds has been to inject lethal fluid straight into the dog’s heart without any anaesthesia or pain relief. Because the dogs are killed at a great pace, the injections may stray into the dog’s lung, for example, which obviously causes the dog to die a delayed and very agonizing death.’ (koirienystavat.com)

Is the mass murder of innocent dogs the solutions to the problem? Definitely not. On their official website ‘Peta’ states: ‘Killing stray dogs never has a long-term effect on population control. It has been shown repeatedly that the homeless animal population quickly rebounds after large-scale killing campaigns. The only effective way to reduce the population of homeless dogs humanely is to implement a sterilisation programme, to prohibit the sale of animals in markets and pet shops, and to make it illegal to abandon animals on the streets, with real penalties when people are caught breaking the law. ‘

The world does NOT agree with this vile act politicians took upon themselves to see through. We don’t agree and I am pretty sure that the Romanian people don’t agree, either. Let’s all join our voices and be heard. Protest against the Romanian dog slaughter. Today.

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