We have already pointed out the importance of a good night’s sleep for adults and children alike. For those of you who are best friends with insomnia and tried just about every trick in the book to help you fall asleep but still failed miserably, worry not. We have for you some very strange, but apparently effective ways to fall asleep easier and better.

Rub your belly. It might sounds silly but rubbing your own belly gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation. Lay down in bed and move your hand in a slow, circular motion as you close your eyes. It is known to soothe  you enough to help you fall asleep.

Have a glass of cherry juice. People usually suggest a warm glass of milk before bed.  Melatonin helps regulate your body’s sleep schedule and cherries are a natural source of that. ‘Studies have shown that a glass of cherry juice taken in the morning and night helped add an average of 90 minutes to sleep to a person’s nightly schedule, especially in older individuals.’

Old school remedies are the best. Well, not always but still, some of them are like gold. Vicks Vaporub was to be used more often than salt from our grandmother. They weren’t that wrong after all – ‘the decongestants in Vicks helps you breathe more steadily, lulling your body into a sense of relaxation. You can rub it onto your chest or, as we do, around the outside of your nostrils to help you relax. You can even add it to special humidifiers that contain an aromatherapy compartment to help circulate it through the air.’

Roll your eyes into your head. It might sound and feel a bit uncomfortable but this is actually what happens when we fall asleep. This technique has been found to be very effective in situations where people suffer from insomnia.

Curl your toes. Curling your toes helps all muscles in your body relax and releases tension that has built up during the day. Just before going to bed, lay down and squeeze your toes for a minute or so and then relax them.

Cuddle your pet.  I personally prefer a dog but any loving, furry and cuddlable pet would do. Affection felt from our pets has been found to relax us psychologically and emotionally and offer us tranquility and mental peace. Besides, pet relationships are indeed an important part of our lives and have great influence upon our well being and happiness.

A little Psychology always helps. When everything fails, modify your behaviour. Pick a comforting and relaxing habit, like rubbing the tip of your nose, one of your fingers, or pulling an earlobe and teach your body to know when it’s time to fall asleep. Eventually, after a while, your body will accept this ‘activity’ as a signal to go to sleep.

(Source: Down Linens)

Do you have any other unorthodox ways that have been proven miraculous in getting you to fall asleep? We would like to hear from you.


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