Life. Complicated, bittersweet, awesome, hard, amazing, troubled, sad, happy. Short. That’s right, life is shorter than we think or want to believe. Just yesterday, when we were still teenagers we thought we could live for ever. That’s the way it should be anyway; in our early years we should live a carefree life, without the inevitable worries of the future. Then we grew up and realized that life is very fragile, sometimes very difficult or for some of us, unbearable. For those who have had a second hand experience with death, since the alternative would make no sense, life seems even shorter now and very frail.

However, life also goes on. No matter what happens to us, good or bad, life will still go on. For some, continuing with life feels like torture. For others, a blessing. For me, after having children, life’s perspective and focus has changed from having a good time and accepting that what matters now is to make every second count, to better myself in everything I do. I have a huge responsibility now, to leave behind me a legacy that my children will be proud of, to show them the beauty of life and more effective ways of dealing with its adversities.


I have to try and stay positive against all odds  and that is a very difficult way of processing things. However, it is the better approach to viewing life which will not only aid us in evolving as humans but also will benefit the people we love. In an older article, I wrote that ‘we mostly get preoccupied regretting or being nostalgic about the past and worrying too much about the future, that we genuinely forget to live our present.’ I believe this to be true even more so, today.

Let’s try to change that. No-one is ever capable of changing us other than ourselves. It is truly up to us to implement ways and techniques in our lives that will enable us to feel and be happier, more fulfilled, to accept ourselves for who we are, find inner peace and let go of the things that influence us negatively.

Learn to control your feelings and emotions. Although our feelings and emotions are not the enemy, we should still learn to apply some control over them. Recognizing, accepting and mindfully choosing how to handle our emotions is the best way forward. Others affect the way we feel exactly as much as we allow them to. We have the power within us to choose not to be influenced by the negative people around us or to simply kick them out of our lives for good.

Do what you love the most. We become used to a job or a routine and we feel safe within those walls. But is that necessarily  good? Are  you just making a living or making a life? We keep working hard all our lives in unsatisfactory jobs so as to save enough money for later.

What is the point in pursuing what you want the most when are already 65? Find out what you would like to do the most and follow that dream. Life, as we said, is indeed short and we should live it to the fullest of our capabilities. It requires hard work and a bit or risk and braveness but in the end you will end up feeling 100 time happier than you are today.


Inspire yourself. Anything from inspirational speeches to quotes and sayings. Find the ones that define you and inspire you the most. Make some post it notes on your fridge or anywhere else where you easily access them. Doing nothing is the easy way out.Trying to pick yourself up and live towards an ideal is the better, most rewarding option.

Everyone needs love. Include love into everything you do and say. Life is too short for bitter feelings and grudges. Love your friends, family and enemies alike and show it to them. Being able to forgive and move on, will give you an instant boost of freedom and tranquility. Keeping feelings of disappointment, resentment, and of hostility inside, will only built up more and more and end up damaging your mental well being.

Even to  the people we genuinely love, we rarely show them how much. Actions speak louder than words, indeed, so don’t stay in that verbal state of love. Stop talking and just do. Make love a vital part of your everyday life a and you will notice instant inner calm.

Embrace change. Life is all about changes, small or big, voluntary or forced. Changes take time. They are hard to implement. Acceptance of change is vital if you want to live a fulfilling, dynamic life. Take one step at a time through this difficult self discovery and life changing journey. Slowly, you will get there. Some very useful ways of embracing change are here.


Read. ‘Unlike movies and comics, books train our imagination. The pages of a book demand that you conjure up their wondrous places and characters all on your own, from nothing but the fabric of your own thoughts. Reading is the only kind of brain training worth taking, because it forces our minds to expand until they can believe all those beautiful little creations, filled with elves and orcs and spaceships. Reading is the only way that we can train our minds to fully understand mankind’s greatest creations: truth, justice and fairness’, Igor Raffaele, professional writer.

Help others. One of the most fundamental things we should all do. Helping others comes with a plethora of positive outcomes for you and the people you are helping. Not only it will make you feel amazing physically, mentally and emotionally it is also a good and kind act which we should all take upon. By giving and helping others, you grow as a person and  make a difference in someone else’s life, amongst the numerous benefits. Besides, you should always remember that you, too, might be in a moment of need in your life and that there are more people in the world than just you!

Take on new challenges. Familiarity is safe. Routine is comfortable. It is also stagnant. Open your wings and your mind to many new possibilities. Start a new hobby. Change your daily routine even by one new or different thing. There are so many things to try and so many ways to keep your body and your brain active and challenged. Don’t just let life pass by doing the same things over and over again. If you have children, involve them too to new activities. They will love it and learn that life is not only about familiar but also about exciting and diverse.


Forgive. The easiest thing in life is to get angry and stay angry. Sometimes we secretly enjoy the state of being upset with someone and complain about their behaviour. In reality, what we do, is wasting the little time we have left on this planet by filling ourselves with negativity and ugly emotions. Everyone is responsible for their own conscious and thoughts. Do you really want your days to be gloomy charged? Change it, today. One of the hardest but definitely most rewarding virtue is to be able to forgive. Free yourself from such damaging, to you, distractions and you will become a much better person while feeling absolutely great. Besides, you make mistakes all the time, then why is it so hard to show mercy when others do?

Be known for your kindness and empathy. Enough said.

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