[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]he fine art of making love is considered by most as physical exertion. It involves some concrete activity and depending on the situation, sometimes we end up feeling like we just finished a workout session at the gym. Would you, though, seriously consider of cancelling your gym subscription and engage in wild, lengthy sex as an alternative way to burning calories?

Sex is healthy, fun and helps you lose weight

A recent study suggests that ‘all other things being equal, your body can benefit in more than obvious ways by engaging in an active bout of sexual activity’.

Naturally, it is obvious to consider that not that many studies have been carried out, trying to examine the health benefits of having sex due to the difficulty in participants and setting. This new study conducted by Julie Frappier and her colleagues, probably is one of its kind and sheds some light into this hard-to-investigate notion.

‘The study population consisted of twenty one heterosexual couples (age: 22.6 ± 2.8 years old) from the Montreal region. Free living energy expenditure during sexual activity and the endurance exercise was measured using the portable mini SenseWear armband. Perceived energy expenditure, perception of effort, fatigue and pleasure were also assessed after sexual activity. All participants completed a 30 min endurance exercise session on a treadmill at a moderate intensity.’

[quote_box_center]Never before have such sophisticated measures been used that help scientists draw well-informed and valid conclusions on the subject and that is what makes this study unique. Results showed exactly what we would all expect to find; everyone preferred 30 minutes of sexual activity than 30 minutes on the treadmill![/quote_box_center]

You should still keep on working out

But what about caloric expenditure? It was concluded that men burned more calories during sex t than they did on the treadmill and also than women in general. Working out in the gym, though, in most cases, benefited people more when it comes to fat burn but sex was more fun and it summed up to 0 200-300 calorie burn in 30 minutes of sexual activity in healthy adults.

So there you have it, regular sexual activity will help you burn those unwanted calories off and it’s more fun than jogging.  Maybe it’s not advisable to stop working out at the gym but adding sex in our daily routine will help improve our overall health and mood, making us sleep better and boosting much more than just our self esteem and energy.

Source: PLOS ONE

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