The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, discreetly follows and at the same time, unwittingly, creates fashion trends. We all remember the polka dot dress she chose to wear while leaving the hospital after giving birth to her baby son. That dress sold-out in only a few hours. She is also known to wear many of her outfits more than once.

On the 17th of February 2014, at an event for the Queen’s 60 years of patronage of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at Buckingham Palace, she “recycled” one of her dresses and simultaneously followed a timeless fashion trend, the red dress.

2014 - matched with black/ 2012 - matched with nude
2014 – matched with black/
2012 – matched with nude

She dazzled in a magnificent red Alexander McQueen dress as she and Queen Elizabeth II welcomed movie stars for the reception. Kate previously wore the same dress in June 2012 when attended the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames. As it was expected, women “got to have this dress” or any red dress for that matter. And who can blame them!

The red dress is guaranteed to steal everyone’s glance and it definitely does not hold a place just on the red carpet or royal events. Red is the symbol of passion, fire, love and courage. It’s the color that scientists proved to boost self-confidence.

A red dress is something any woman, no matter her age, should consider having in her wardrobe. It is extremely versatile and can be worn seamlessly from day to night, given the right accessories.

Wear it to work: many women might think that red is too provocative to wear to work, let alone a red dress. Yet, you often see men leaders wearing red ties. Well, women think wrong! A red dress can be easily worn at work as long as it is appropriate in length, fit and cut. It will be a great change from the sea of dark colors most professional women choose to wear and will liven up the spirits in your office especially if the weather is dull.

Surely, you wouldn’t want to wear a dress that is extremely tight or short at work, so never do with a red dress either. Pick a red hue (they are many available) that complements your eyes and skin tone and a fabric that is definitely not shiny. Match it with simple jewelry ( a pair of earrings are more than enough), wear your favorite pair of black or nude-colored booties or wedges, a bag that compliments your shoes color and off to work you go! As for makeup, stick to nude and gold shades.

Wear it casually: your little red dress can be easily worn during the day for a lunch date with your partner or a shopping trip with your girlfriends. Whether you are aromantic-cute dresser or a fan of dark, rock glamour, a red dress is something you should have in your wardrobe. The more romantic ones can match their red dress with a pair of silver or navy blue pumps whereas, the more wild ladies, can pair the dress with a pair of biker or cowboy boots and a matching cardigan.

For extra edge, replace the cardigan with a leather jacket, wear a pair of opaque tights with leopard flats and prepare to get noticed wherever you go! As for jewelry, less is more, therefore, choose only a statement piece of jewelry, like an edgy ear-cuff or a set of gold and red bracelets.

Wear it for formal events: whether it is a party, a wedding or a red carpet event you might be attending, a red dress will make you feel alive, beautiful, elegant, sexy. The most classy way to wear it is with a pair of killer black stilettos and a matching clutch. A pair of nude heels is elegant and super classy also. Still, red goes exceptionally well with silver and gold (my personal favorite is gold).

A pair of jewel-encrusted silver heels will glam up your look and so will a pair of gold gladiator-style high heels. Bright colors, like aqua or pink, also match lovingly with red. And, even though you might think that a red lipstick is a makeup no-no, reality is they are perfect together. As long as the lipstick color matches that of the dress.

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