They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Even scientists back this theory with extensive research on the matter. Still, if you look in the mirror and puffy, dark eye circles is what you see, they cannot be sending a nice message about your soul, can they?

We all know that the area around our eyes is very delicate and as it reflects neglect very easily, it requires special care. A study about the major beauty concerns of women, done in 2006 by cosmetics company Clinique, revealed that 50% of women stryggle with puffiness and dark circles around their eyes. So, I think it is time to look at the matter a bit more seriously.

Woman with Dark-Circles We can blame our parents for passing them on to us (those genes can really be annoying!), the universe for being “unfair” towards us (yes, we overreact, we are women), our boss for stressing us out. Still, none of these will solve our problem. If we don’t want to look like we have anger management issues and engage in fights every day, it is time to do something about it.

Starting point: “well begun is half done”

Ancient greek philosophy has many references on the importance of a good start to a cause we want to accomplish. Unless we start right, our chances of success decrease dramatically. Thankfully, the first step to our cause is easy.

Nothing fancy, nothing difficult. All you have to do is start taking really good care of you. That should not be difficult, should it? Sleep better, eat better, drink lots of water, exercise more, and do not say you do not have the time. Find time for you, like you find time for everything else EXCEPT you. You know it is possible!

Ending point: Treat

The second part  involves two types of beauty tickets which you can get, once you reach this point; economy or first class. These beauty tickets bear some resemblance to ordinary traveling passes; they will both take you to your desired destination. It depends, however, whether you want to go natural or artificial. The choice is completely yours!

Economy ticket – Nature’s secrets

I used to watch movies where the leading lady put cucumber slices on her eyes after a wild night out and thought what a useless thing to do. One day, a friend of mine heard me saying it and insisted  I tried it myself. And so I did and, ladies, it did work!

The home remedies available to combat puffiness and dark circles are plenty and very easy to make. No fancy equipment or specially trained personnel is necessary, just a few minutes of your time and a visit to your kitchen.

  • Veggies beauty treat

woman-with-cucumbers-on-eyesCucumber: Just place freshly-cut slices from a cucumber  (needs to be chilled) over your eyes  for 15 minutes every night. Put your favorite music on, relax for 15 minutes and let the cucumber work its magic. Since cucumbers are made almost 95% of water, they give a boost of moisturisation to the area while soothing dark eye bags.

Potatoes: Use your juicer to create a beauty remedy that you will apply daily, preferably night time, with a cotton ball around your eyes, NOT very close to your actual eye. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash gently with a damp cloth. NOTE: You can also mix equal amount of cucumber and potato juice and apply it to your eyes.

Tomatoes: Freshly squeezed tomato juice can also be used in the same way as the potato juice.

  • Tea bags



  • lack of sleep
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption
  • unhealthy eating habits
  • dehydration
  • anemia
  • seasonal allergies
  • heredity
  • liver problems
  • periorbital hyperpigmentation (excess melanin production around the eyes)
  • hormonal changes, like pregnancy


Tea has antioxidant properties and the tannins it contains help reduce swelling. So, next time you make tea keep the tea bags. Let them cool down and while they are still damp, place one on each eye and leave for 10 minutes. Remove and let your eyes air-dry.

  • Almond oil

A very popular and effective remedy is pure almond oil. Apply it carefully around your eyes before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, remove any excess with a damp cloth and continue with your usual morning beauty routine.

  • Rose water

It is prized for its use in the kitchen but it is also often used for cosmetic purposes. Dampen a cotton ball with rosewater (the one you use for cooking is fine) and saturate the area around your eyes. Leave to air dry.There is no need to rinse afterwards. Repeat every night.

  • Cold compresses

You can either use spoons that you have placed in the fridge for a few minutes or a bag of frozen veggies wrapped in a towel. Place them over your eyes for a few minutes. This remedy is very good if you need an instant, temporary treatment, especially after a night of crying.

As with any new skin care treatment, always make sure to do a patch test before you start using any of the above on a regular basis. And, if you have a known allergy to any of them refrain from using them at all.

woman-applying-eye-creamFirst- class ticket – Cosmetics availability

An extreme, permanent, method of treatment is lower eyelid plastic surgery. Personally, I think that this step is too drastic and really expensive. I know first hand how it feels to wake up in the morning and be terrified of the sight of your eyes in the mirror. I honestly believe, however, that we can work through this beauty hurdle non-invasively, pain-free and surely way cheaper.

If you are not into home remedies, you can get an eye cream that is designed to tackle eye puffiness and dark circles. An eye cream, to be honest, is useful even for women with no around-the-eyes beauty concerns. In the market there are many available options that you can choose from, depending mostly on your wallet.

As I have already mentioned in my article about skin serums, because this option can be relatively expensive, before you decide which eye cream to buy you can ask for a free sample. Remember that there is no restriction in using both an eye cream and a home remedy. Decide what better suits you.


Always check with your doctor the underlying causes of the eye puffiness and dark circles, especially if they appear or get worse overnight, to make sure that they are not signs of serious health problems. Our eyes tell many things about us. Never neglect them!
Lab scientist, sharp dresser and cooking guru Maria is one half of the original founding team. She brings her opinions with earnestness and a smile, even when there are razor blades inside.

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