Your twin toddlers have reached the age when they should slowly wave the diapers goodbye. It is a stressful time for all parents and a big challenge lies ahead. However, there are a few tips that could make this process easier for you and your twins, and with some patience it can be a success within a few weeks.

The first important step is to be able to recognize the right time for your twins to be potty trained. It can be a surprise to some, but even if you have identical twins it doesn’t mean that they will both be ready at the same time.

Like with everything else, every child has his own personality and developmental pace and it should not, in any way, be compared to another child’s, even if they share  the same DNA! It is important to know that many toddlers may be ready around their second birthday, some earlier and some much later.

There are certain signs that will tell you when your toddler is ready to be potty trained.
  • You will notice that you won’t have to change your toddler quite as often as he will be able to control his bladder, something that a toddler who is not ready is unable to do. Also, look out for dry nappies in the morning or after his naps, this also shows that he has a good control of his bladder.
  • Another sign is the fact that your toddler will not like soiled diapers and will ask you to change him. At this point he can understand how uncomfortable he feels and he knows he needs to be changed.
  • If you notice that he can pull his diaper up and down, try not to discourage him by saying that he’s not allowed to, as this can be another sign that your toddler is ready to be potty trained.  Explain to him why this is important to do in the future and praise him for doing it right.
  • Another sign can be predictable bowel movements, so when you know when your child needs to go on a daily basis he is probably at the stage of being ready to be potty trained.

As soon as you know your twins are ready to be potty trained you can introduce them to the potty. There are many different types of potties out in the market, so take some time to do some research and see which type would be the best for your twins. It is recommended, though, that you skip the toilet seat type and use an actual potty that can be moved around the house and so that they can both sit one next to each other during the first attempts.

So it is best that you get two potties, one for each of your toddlers. If you are a parent of twins you will know that most of the times they want to do everything together  and, well… yes, this is another thing they will love doing together!

[quote_box_center]A very good way to introduce them to the potty before actually buying one is to get a few potty training books with relevant pictures to show to your twins. This will help them visualize what a potty is and what exactly to expect when they come across one.[/quote_box_center]

Once you present them with their new potties, you can give them some stickers to decorate them with. This will help them become familiar with the potty and make it more of their own.

Although you can place the potties in the bathroom, many parents find it easier to have them in the room their twins use the most, the okay room or even the living room. If you don’t like the idea you can always place them in the bathroom, however be prepared for many trips over the day which can be exhausting.

Be prepared for a lot of bathroom accidents. Most toddlers can have many accidents during one single day in the beginning of potty training, so don’t be discouraged. Be understanding, instead, and try not to show disappointment. Remember that this will only last for a while and you will be diaper-free soon!

In the first days try to have them sit on the potty very often, even if there’s nothing happening. When they sit on the potty it helps them know what they are for and eventually, you will have a successful visit! This may only be one twin though, so the minute he successfully uses his potty try to praise him cheerfully by saying that you are sure his twin will follow very soon as they are both doing great.

As always, when it comes to twins, we should avoid comparing them and especially over-praising one  in front of his twin as it can be seen as showing favoritism. [quote_box_right]Always show your excitement at both of them for doing a great job, even if one twin doesn’t grasp the idea of the potty yet.[/quote_box_right]

Make sure that once they have finished using their potties, you empty them in the toilet in front of your twins. This will help them understand where it actually goes to, so the transition from the potty to the actual toilet won’t be hard in the future.

You can skip this step if you want, but you can reward your twins after sitting on the potty. The key here is to not just reward the twin that successfully went to the potty but both of them for actually trying.

Potty training could take a while, from days to even months so be prepared for a challenging time, be patient and as always have fun and don’t take bathroom accidents too seriously  Smile and be hopeful that next time will be better.

Have you got any potty training tips that worked well for you? Tell us in the comments below.


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