Spring is here. We change our wardrobe, we change our shoes, time to do some changes regarding our nail beauty too. If you take a look at the photos of all the celebrities attending the MET ball on Monday, you would see that besides the impeccable make-up and haute couture attire, celebrities had perfect nails too.

You cannot be truly elegant and stylish unless your nails are in top condition and, why not, follow every season’s trends. It is not extreme nor is it expensive to be “in” in that area also. Whether you will do them yourself or will go to a nails salon, it is your choice, as is also your choice the seasonal trend you will go for!

1. Skip the neon, keep the vibrancy: last year it was all about neon color. This year, though, it is not. We say yes to vibrant colors but we skip the neon. As I already mentioned in one of my articles “if there was only one color we could use this summer it would be blue”, so go crazy with any shade of vibrant blue this season. Also, vibrant orange hues are really popular and easy to wear and look sensational with gold accessories.Nail_polish_in_application And of course, as this year’s (Pantone) color is Radiant Orchid, bold purple/fuschia manicure or pedicure is an absolute must and looks good with almost anything, from jeans to monochrome to navy.

2. Natural effect: this is probably the most easy to wear trend and even the laziest of us can follow. All you need is short, well groomed nails and a subtle nude shade. Still, despite this trend looking really elegant in your hands, it should not, at least not for me, be the choice for a pedicure. Keep your manicure natural but go wild with your toes. It is summer after all!

3. Touch of shimmer: you may not be a vibrant-color-nail person but you are looking for something a bit more special than the natural effect for your mani/pedi? There are good news for you. This season, metallic shine is a real hit. Glitter blended in with nude shades and transformed them into super-glamorous divas. From more subtle hues for during the day, to more glittering hues for the night,  you can never go wrong with a touch of shimmer.

4. Dark colors: from dark red to midnight blue and black, I personally love dark nail colors and I couldn’t be more happy as they are still in trend this season. As manicurist Lorraine Griffin says “dark colors are the perfect companion to the clean palette of white fabrics that dominated this season’s catwalks”. Winter may be a few steps behind us but it left its dark nail colors for the summer to enjoy.

Do-a-Pedicure5. Matte finish: All we knew until a couple of years ago was that the minute the nail polish you wore lost its shine, it was time for a new mani/pedi. So,  I have to admit that it took me by surprise when the matte-finish nail polishes appeared a couple of years ago. This season are very popular again and I really am happy they are. Why? Because while wearing a matte nail polish during your summer holidays, you do not have to worry whether the sea and sand will cause your nail polish to lose its shine.

6. Nail art: Nail art does not really seem to go out of fashion, regardless of the season. Still, until recently I thought that unless you were a professional nail artist you could not do it yourself at home. This season, however, nail art is more chic and easy than ever before. The half moon effect at the base of the nail, that is becoming very popular, as well as a bold matte-nail polish topped with a single, shimmering nail polish line or tiny polka-dots in different colors indicate how nail art is perceived this season. You don’t have to be extreme, just creative!


Lab scientist, sharp dresser and cooking guru Maria is one half of the original alwaysladies.com founding team. She brings her opinions with earnestness and a smile, even when there are razor blades inside.

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