Are all these celebrity selfies going around on the internet just a reminder of how unsuccessful your every try has been? Even if you’re totally fine with how you look, we live in such a visual world that liking yourself in every picture can be a bit tricky. Until now that is: DIOR comes to the rescue with a new foundation, which guaranteed star quality in every shot.

Makeup artist Peter Philips, recently appointed creative director of DIOR Makeup,  first debuted this new product, the Diorskin Star foundation- SPF 30, at the Dior Cruise 2015 fashion show in New York, stating that “it gives your skin a movie-star quality.”

Diorskin Star is a weightless fluid foundation capable of recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of DIOR’s studios, promising flawless complexion and beautiful skin by maximizing light, neutralising colour imbalances and delivering lasting skin texture correction.

According to DIOR “Diorskin Star uses « Light PulsionTM » technology to act on different dimensions of professional light. Upon application, a new generation of hollow silica beads capture and diffuse light in a correcting no-shine halo. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances. A trio of plant-based anti-« light trap » ingredients helps reduce dark areas, pigment spots and redness.

Your way to the perfect photograph comes in 12 different shades and costs £32.00 (Europe)/$50.00 (USA). Seems a bit expensive? As a sufferer of constantly-looking-horrible-in-photos, I think not. Every photo tells a story, so why not try and look your best in all the stories of your life?

Source: DIOR

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