Becoming a father finally unravelled the mystery of love once and for all. Fatherhood gave me the purest form of the force that binds, it connected me to another human being absolutely, until death, without qualm or reservation. Our children are the only people we will ever truly know, the only people you will truly never be able to live without. Fatherhood is our last step into maturity, it’s the time where as men we learn our value in the happy smile of a sleeping child. – Igor Raffaele

A lot of things changed since the I became a father, I became more creative by inventing games and new faces in order to make my daughter laugh, I learned that sleep is overrated, I and I found the person I would give my life for. – Thanasis Spanos

There’s nothing that can prepare you for fatherhood, but honestly being a father is far more rewarding than I ever thought possible. I never realised how amazing it would be to come home at the end of a long day and to have my son run up to me and give me a huge hug and excitedly tell me about his day. I’ve always looked up to my father, and his father and my hope is, that someday my children will look up to me in the same way

. – Lucas Ebaugh

This is devoted to you; a man who left as quietly as he lived. besides, I owe it to you. The word ‘father’ is too small to fully describe your magnitude. I feel so proud to having been your daughter and for having learned how to live life through your guidance. I was taught decency, dignity, how to be giving and to weigh everything without falling into despair in every sadness or difficulty. I could write pages on end about YOU and they still wouldn’t be enough to portray who YOU really were. 

I won’t wish you Happy Father’s Day…I will just tell you that you never stopped being next to me, in my life, in my thoughts and to guide every single one of my actions.  – Stella Papadopoulou

Tim is such a great father, he loves to play with Dean and thinks of creative ways to do games. He is patient but strict, but always in a good way. He is really good with children, often our  friends say he should start a daycare – Daisy de Klein

Endless, selfless love! – Maria Tsiga

My dad is a tender, warm-hearted human being…I never thought of him as a role model, thinking about it now, I subconsciously chose a hubby with those characteristics….I just realised it… – Maria Tsiggopoulou

He is my weak spot. I would give everything to him, no matter what – Stella Arampatzis

Overprotective! I remember when I was little, he used to sing this song to me…run, run, my little one, become a man my little one! Now it’s my turn to do the same to my child. That is my dad.  – Georgia Matsika

My dad is overprotective. He is my biggest weakness and my endless source of love! – Filio Riga

Security, protection, love. – Zoi Varveri

As a little girl, my father was Superman in my eyes. When I grew up, I had feelings of deep admiration for him. One thing that will never change is his unconditional love to us and how much he has sacrificed for the sake of his family. It is so difficult for me to be so far away from him every day, but he knows how much I miss him and how much I love him. My daddy means the world to me!  – Juliana Cabral

My father is my hero. I love him  – Konstantinia Koktsidou

If someone asked me about my dad, my first reaction would be only a big smile. A smile that can explain how much I love him and how much I owe him. There are so common phrases  like “my dad is the best”, “my dad rocks”, “my dad is the most wonderful dad in the world” and the truth is that even if I’m almost 24 years old I agree with all these sayings.

My dad has been my hero since I was a little girl, he has been treating me like a princess all these years and I’m sure he will not stop doing this for the rest of my life. He is my first love, he is the one who believes in me even the times I don’t believe in myself, he is patient and reliable, he stands by me at all my difficult days, he encourages me and he always be there to enjoy my successes with me. I don’t know the way to thank him for all these and when I tell him this, he smiles and answer: “Boubi if you are happy I’m happy too, I don’t need anything else”.

My father was really handsome and he was the only person I wanted to please. I wanted him to be proud of me, his smile was the greatest gift! He was quite strict but generous and proved to be very understanding with us. I still need his approval and I still miss him so much. – Bianca Siniscalchi

But what I love the most about him is the fact that I admire him, I’m very proud of him and even if I had the chance to have the wealthiest dad in the world I wouldn’t change him. He makes me what I am, he taught me to be kind, honest, generous and moral, he was committed to his job all these years to give me and my brother the possibility to be educated.

I don’t know if all the fathers think like this and I don’t mind because I’m really convinced that no one else can make me so happy for being his daughter.  My father adores my mum and he is so dedicated to her that sometimes makes me think that I would like to find a man like him to marry. He is the best gift God blessed me with.   – Katerina Giannakidou

My dad is more that a father to me he is my brother, my best friend, my supporter and my hero. Daddy, i love you so much! – Eleni Karakanti

My dad…was the warmest hug I have ever felt, the sweetest smile every morning, the man who taught me from the simplest things when I was little to how to open my wings and fly when I grew up. He taught me how to not be afraid of nothing because I always had him, my rock and my port in life. I could easily write a book about his ethos and hid decency throughout his life. My ‘Ntinos’! … – Litsa Kosiori

For my dad…my greatest weakness and the best hug in the world – he fills me with love and strength! – Riri Rini

“My father died when I was 17 and it is hard to describe how great was and still is the pain without him and how to fill the emptiness that he left and how it has been influencing all the rest of my life. I could speak endlessly about what a beautiful person my father was, to me but I will try to do that in only a few lines.

My father was a very simple, gentle and kind person. Honest, loyal, smart, a man of passion, a loving man and a man of steel, too. He was always an optimist and smiling and with a great sense of humour. He always believed that good things would prevail, especially if one worked hard for them. He was admired and loved by friends and co-workers for his hard working, gentleness and grace. He was a highly moral man and held tenaciously to ideas and concepts that he believed to be correct.”

I love my dad so much and I always had a special bond with him. Because for me, my dad is my king!  – Lina Tsekoura

 …He was a strong family man who was devoted to providing the best he could for my mum, my brother and me. He held three different jobs at the same time in order to earn more money just to assure a better future to us. A great self-sacrificing man. He spent much of his life sacrificing anything he for us to be happy and to be able to reach our dreams. He was never too busy, never too tired for us. Every evening after the jobs spent his time with us and every free days and weekend. He loved us more than anything else.

 But he was also a strict father and really possessive and jealous with us. He was enormously proud of us. He praised us to anyone who would listen and also in front of us. Much of what is good in my life is because of my father. I learned strong values from him as the value of money and to be careful with it and not to want too much or be too greedy for material things. The value of family, the religion, to work and to love.

 Because of that, and so much more of the skills, talents and advantages I had in life….I truly owe him!”…  

Rossana Giuliano 

He is my dad. The dad I look up to, the dad I love, the dad I cherish, the dad I am proud of. The dad that even if I disappoint him, never complains, never tells me off. The dad who always listens, who is always there no matter what. The dad who loves me protects me, pampers me, guides me, supports me. The silent force that drives our family out of the difficulties, the silent force that holds us together through bad and worse.

My daddy….my biggest weakness, the man with the sweetest smile and who taught me to generously give love, protection and happiness to my own family today! – Elina Pap.

The ray of hope that never stops shining, even though life showed his ugly side to his family. Even now that his heart is filled with tears, he remains simply magnificent. An honest smile, a tender heart, the most loving and protective hug, the kindest of all people, as long as you don’t mess with his family. A noble man. My biggest fan. He is love… he is my dad

Maria Tzimina

“The word father evokes silence, and a serious gaze, and wise advice. A reserved and yet noisy man in one shell, my father can be tireless, giving, kind. One look is enough to understand each other, and in spite of his tough façade, I know that under that moustache dwells the most sincere of smiles.” – Elena Scibelli

My DAD…he’s too important to me, he teaches me how to be real, kind, full of love, patient…. he was by my side in every moment of my life. For the last 42 years he has been giving me love…love…love… and has been supporting me in everything I do! Thank you for being so liberal to me!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  – Eugenia Atsarou

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.  – George Herbert

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