Do you often long for your younger years? Have the first wrinkles made their appearance? Is there a woman who hasn’t been horrified even at their thought? You are not alone. It feels like those worry-free years and the hardcore partying times were only yesterday, yet you are not 20 anymore. The student years have long gone and your carefree lifestyle is dead and buried. Now you are mothers, the word alone translates to endless responsibilities and a lifetime of worries.

However, it’s not all that bad, is it? Hasn’t motherhood also brought about exciting new changes in our lives, other than the obvious? Motherhood is indeed, one of the most amazing experience women go through. Other than amazing is one of the most important. The way we raise our children will later shape humanity’s future. Its whole smooth existence depends on our actions.

Do we get to enjoy life differently that we are mums and what has changed in the way we view the world around us? Let’s see…

We are not jealous of other people’s happiness. We have come to a point where we have found peace with ourselves. On the contrary, our friends’ successes and achievements make us feel proud and happy.


We accept other people’s mistakes. We learn to accept ours towards our children. It’s a tough process but in the end we don’t have a choice other than accepting and taking full responsibility for our mistakes.

We visit the psychologist without feeling ashamed. We don’t really care to think about how other people will view our actions and choices. When we have a problem, we just say it and we ask for help.

We deal with rejection. We do.

We reject the TV and the ideologies of stardom. We know that too much TV, especially non educational one, slows down the brain. We encourage our children to spend time doing creative things instead. We also don’t spend endless amounts of time drooling over super hot, filthy rich celebrities. That period is over and done with.

We are not fashion victims. What’s most important is clothing that properly fit, are workable and they make us feel comfortable and beautiful. We choose to go for realistic fashion advice instead.

We read better quality books. Time is very limited; we know that well. So, in our free time we choose good books that make a difference.

We ignore negative attitudes. We choose to not let pessimistic and gloomy people affect us. We need to feel inspired and think positive. We need to find something good out of everything. Bad mouthed, jealous people don’t have the power to affect us anymore.

We are our children’s and our selves’ best advocate. We know very well how to protect ourselves and the people we love. We always need to make choices with our children’s best interests at heart.


We don’t have to be perfect. We are actually better parents if we are not aiming for perfection. It feels good to have this pressure off our shoulders, doesn’t it?

We are not scared of changes. Actually changes have become part of our lives. We are not afraid to try new things and to change from favorite skirt color to behavioral traits.

We appreciate the things that matter. Having children has made us realize just how fragile life really is. We don’t take many things for granted and we appreciate every single day we get to spend with our loved ones.

Everything has value. We get to understand the value of time, the value of showering, of cooking a nice meal, of spending a weekend at home, the value of sleeping and the value of smiling as often as possible.

We are our children’s superheroes. And that is a tremendous responsibility and a priceless blessing at the same time. Nothing before has made us feel more important and so vulnerable at once. Every decision we make, every choice, every action and any kind of behaviour we display will change our children’s lives.

We experience unconditional love. The love you feel for your children cannot possibly ever be compared to any other kind of love. To be loved by your children is the most precious gift of life and we, mums, are very lucky women.

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