Walking back from school with my youngest daughter and seeing her smile, run, dance on the road, be happy and tell me all the day’s happenings full of excitement made me realise two things.

First, that time truly flies and it’s so sad how most of us take time for granted. We spend years and years being stressed, busy, unhappy, arguing, being upset, bitter, and negative. We work too much, leave things to chance, believe we have unlimited time on this earth.

We wait, we don’t fight for what we want, we live for a Saturday night, a summer vacation, a special event. We wear our best clothes/underwear/perfume on a night out, we use our most expensive cutlery sets when we host dinner nights, our nicer bedding for guests and we visit the hairdressers on our birthday.

We stay in unfulfilling relationships, surround ourselves with toxic people, put up with the ones who bring the worst out in us… we settle.  We spend days on end not doing what we really want to do. We spend thousands of hours not smiling, loving and being loved. We generally wait …because… we hope things WILL happen, things WILL change… without actively doing that ourselves.

The second thing I realised (yet again) is that life is full of moments. There are so many small moments I am now appreciating, moments that do make a difference – the ones that really matter. Many people, sadly, miss out on those… entangling themselves in temporary, shallow and meaningless activities.

My daughter grows up so fast, she is 5 now and walking with her, seeing her smile and telling me school stories was an extremely loving, valuable and amazing moment that I will add to the thousand others and treasure it forever.

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