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[dropcap type=”3″]T[/dropcap]he variety of spirits available nowadays is endless. Whisky, bourbon, rum, brandy, vodka, gin, are only a few of those available to satisfy almost every palate’s refined preference. But hold on a minute, are there actually people who prefer gin?

The truth is that most of the time when people hear that you like gin they look at you like you have committed the meanest of all crimes. “How can you like gin when there is nothing to really like about?” they often ask. The answer to this question comes in a dark brown apothecary-type bottle with a “liquid diamond” content. Hendrick’s is the gin made to convert so far gin-haters to committed enthusiasts.

People who don’t like gin often say that it is too bitter and stiff even when used in cocktails or that it has too many different flavors mixed in it losing its focus. Often they judge it by the fact that it is not possible to drink it straight up “on the rocks”. Reality is that I have never seen a bartender offering shots of just gin, unlike tequila or whisky for example.

Hendricks Gin label

Gin is considered the UK’s national spirit, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that Hendrick’s is produced in Garvin, Scotland. However, as history reports, gin’s true origin actually comes from Holland. In 1600, a Dutch physician made gin as an inexpensive way to treat kidney and bladder ailments but it was introduced to the English in a completely different way by Dutch soldiers, during the Thirty Year’s War in the 17th century in Holland; soldiers used to drink it before a battle in order to “gain” courage. It took the English a further 150 years before they started making their own.

[quote_box_center]Hendrick’s is a small batch gin with its botanical signature consisting of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from all over the world. What makes it however really unique is its double twist made of Bulgarian rose petals and cucumber. You will still be able to taste the herbal juniper in there but just as a district reminder that what you are drinking is actually gin and not a flavored vodka.[/quote_box_center]


Its taste is so smooth and refreshing you can enjoy it simply by adding a few ice cubes and a slice of cucumber. It works beautifully in G&Ts replacing excess stiffness with a delicate and fragrant sweetness but it can also work as the perfect ice-cold “aperitif” to cleanse your taste buds and palate after a rich meal.

I know cucumber in a spirit can not be easily overlooked and do not know whether I would be ever brave enough to try a spirit with a cucumber aftertaste. Still, I was introduced to it in an unexpected way, served chilled in a hand-made real-cucumber shot glass, and curiosity made me want to try its content. My verdict? It is the best gin I have ever tasted and yes, I am a gin lover but no other gin I have tasted so far was so uniquely and refreshingly good as Hendrick’s.

And for all of you who look for award winning spirits, Hendrick’s was named the “Best Gin in the World” by Wall Street journal in 2003 and many other spirit rating organizations have also been very complimentary. Cheers!

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