For some women Valentine’s day is all about candlelit dinners, Hallmarks cupid cards and expensive  boxes of chocolate. For others, only flowers will simply do the trick or a cosy night in watching ‘Love Actually’ accompanied by a glass of wine.

For others yet, it means much more than all that. It purely is one more day to celebrate love, companionship, friendship; the kind of affection that extends beyond lovers, to friends, relatives and even acquaintances and treasured work colleagues.


As women, we share some of the closest bonds with our girlfriends and since even the strongest of relationships need nurturing,what better day than Valentine’s to show them just how much they mean to us.

Give her your time. We live in a social networking world where instead of talking, we text. What’s better gift to give to a valuable friend than your time? Make serious plans to meet, even for a quick coffee and a girly chat and don’t fall into the usual trap of saying ‘We have to get together some time’. You never will.

Plan a girly weekend away. You can find many interesting places to go, on a budget. Free yourselves from your surely busy lives for a couple of days and relax, chat and do some sightseeing just the two of you. You will both go back home with recharged batteries.

Use a thousand words. Put together a few old and newer pictures of the two of you in times where you were younger or having fun. Place them in a nice frame made  to last and send it to her. It is a timeless gift that she will treasure for many years to come.


Share the love. One of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers, Beulah, is helmed by the impossibly gorgeous Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and partner Lavinia Brennan. What’s unusual is that the two socialites got the idea to start their company after volunteering in the slums of Delhi.

Having watched women attempt to put their lives together after being rescued from trafficking and the sex trade, they created the ethical fashion label, helping to provide a sustainable livelihood to those that have come out of that dark world.  Buy one of their heart scarves for your friends  this VDAY and celebrate making a difference to another woman’s life too! (source: Daily Mirror).

Apologize. If you fell out recently or if you haven’t talked in a long time, be the one to make the first move and don’t feel too big to apologise. You will certainly feel better and you will both have your precious friendship back.

love5Do something nice together. Movies for two with lots of popcorn and coke (or any other drink of your choice). You get a chance for movie gossip later and a cup of coffee or some nice cold beer. As an alternative you could both read the same book and get together to discuss it later; giving you the opportunity for sharing feelings, thoughts and values.

Surprise her. Secretly book an aromatic relaxing spa session for her or a full hair mask treatment at the hairdressers she usually goes. A day before,  ensure  that she has not  made any other plans for that time. On the day, send her a thoughtful message alongside the details of the surprise. You will definitely put a smile on her face.

Express your love. Call her, send her a card, text, tweet or a Facebook message telling her how much her friendship means to you. It’s Valentine’s day – that is an automatic pass for everyone to act a bit more loving and affectionate than usual.

Whether your best friend, relative or colleague is married, single or divorced, they deserve to know how much they mean to you and that you appreciate the value they have added to your life. Girls just wanna have fun, right? So let’s do it and make someone we love very happy today!


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