Jumpsuits are fashion’s most misunderstood garment. Whenever they are mentioned the picture of skydivers or, better yet, construction workers comes to mind. But are jumpsuits really only that?

If you think about it, they have always been in fashion for quite some time. In the 90s, they received a huge face-lift and transformed from skydivers to pilots to hard-manual-labor-working attire to a statement garment. In 2014,  on their spring/summer and fall/winter collections, designers went ballistic with them. Still, women remain wary.

Jumpsuit face-lift: from skydivers to fashionistas

The biggest drawback of wearing a jumpsuit, many women will say, is that it can become a nightmare going to the loo. The truth is that you have to take the whole top off and pull it all the way down to free yourself. But, I would be the devil’s advocate here and ask you, how many times have we, women, worn clothes that are extremely difficult to handle? Plenty, and the most distinct of all is a wedding dress.

Yes, I know, wearing uncomfortable clothes is not something to look up too nor can you compare a jumpsuit to your wedding dress, still, it is the only way to put across the fact that a jumpsuit is nothing of that sort.

This figure hanging garment will more than certainly make you feel elegant, provocative yet stylish, glamorous, extra comfortable. There are styles for work, afternoon get-togethers, and even for black-tie events. Whether you choose to go for the long or short version of it, your-boyfriend-jeans-style, or a more formal lace-detailed one, the choice is yours but be prepared to absolutely loving it.

Obviously, as with any piece of clothing, in order to master the art of wearing it while feeling super confident, there are some rules to keep in mind:

Consider your body shape

Jumpsuits can be worn by all women no matter their body shapes. That does not mean, however, that all jumpsuits look good in all body shapes. Things to remember:

  • unless you are really tall and thin, jumpsuits that are really loose are not for you
  • if you have beautiful, firm legs but don’t really feel comfortable with your mid-waist, choose a jumpsuit that is skinny around your legs and blouse-like around the waist
  • if you are quite voluptuous with a cleavage to die for, go for an all black, cleavage revealing piece. A deep V-neckline should be considered as well as one with a strapless top.
  • if you are worried about those extra pounds that “befriended” you during winter it is time to loosen up and forget about dieting. Single-colored jumpsuits and big floral patterns or ones with vertical lines can make you look slender and sleek.
  • if you’re more top-heavy, balance it out with a jumpsuit whose pants are wide leg or flowing. Fluid fabrics, like silk, work wonders too in your quest to look slender.
  • petite body frames as well as rectangular/straight ones love short jumpsuits as they look really cute. Long ones are not prohibited either though. Say yes to a jumpsuit with ruffles to create curve illusions and add a touch of extra femininity.

Pick your shoes right

Whether you go for your-boyfriend-jeans, or a sleeker, more formal type, a pair of high heel sandals is the must-have accessory. A pair of wedges also is a good option. And because let’s face it, ladies, nothing can compete the sexiness of a pair of heels, pair your jumpsuit with your sexy stilettos for a really sophisticated look.

The only way you can wear flats with a jumpsuit is if you are really tall or go for a short jumpsuit. In those cases, flats are perfect.


A jumpsuit is often regarded as the piece of clothing you go for when you really cannot be bothered with what to wear. To avoid the “bored” look you need to add a touch of glam to it. A golden belt, a pair of impressive, embellished earrings, feathered ear-cuffs, multi-colored bracelets, ethnic necklaces, the choice is yours to add your trademark into a jumpsuit.

Ready to succumb to the one-piece style this summer?
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