When it comes to hair, frizziness is the ultimate enemy; at least for my hair. There is nothing worse than a frizz attack while out and about with your friends or while preparing for an important business meeting. Or, at least that was the case until now.

The hair trend for spring 2015 appears to be in favor of uncontrollable hair with a touch of frizz. Yes, you read correctly. This summer the favorite fashion look was the “textured beach waves”, looking like you just came out of the sea without rinsing the salty water off your hair.

Having a look around at the Paris fashion week presenting Spring 2015 collections, however, you could not help but noticing tangles, frizz and messiness dominating the runways.

Nina Ricci, Cristiano Burani and Phillip Lim opted for pulled-back styles with plenty of “innocent” stray hairs creating a wild yet elegant and ultra feminine look. Issey Miyake and Ann Demeulemeester also proved that strays can add that little bit of feminism every woman needs, while Aganovich and Gosia Baczynska went a bit overboard with greasy-looking, day-two updos.

For me and others like me, this is probably the most liberating hair trend so far. All we have to do is be a bit patient until spring where our worst hair days can be the trendiest of all.

Source: ELLE

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