[dropcap type=”1″]O[/dropcap]ur thumbs are on fire! Texting is the new hot trend and we can just see it everywhere around us, from offices, to meeting points to any kind of place where human beings exist! People are quickly texting before a plane takes off and they are forced to put their phones on flight mode, women are texting through labor and teenagers are updating their status on Facebook just a few minutes before they get on that extreme ‘death’ ride on an amusement park. It has also become a relationship tool: break ups, sex messages, casual ones, apologies, date management, all done through a click, or most recently ‘touch’ of a thumb  – although there are people also using their index finger, which is kind of weird .

Too much texting CAN disconnect couples

Well, couples are now being informed that i phones should be off most of the time throughout the relationship. Too much texting CAN disconnect couples and there is a study to prove just that.

Brigham Young University researchers Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg studied 276 young adults around the country and found that ‘being constantly connected through technology can create some disconnects in committed relationships.’

A few highlights of the study emphasize  that for women, using text messages to apologize or decision is associated with lower relationship quality while the same goes for men when they are texting too often. However, expressing affection via text messaging enhances the relationship for both sexes.

Reaction to disappointment and reality testing occurs more quickly face to face,”
Sandberg said. “There is a narrowness with texting and you don’t get to see the breadth of a person that you need to see.”Men, unlike previously thought, do not get tired of receiving texts when they also send a lot of them themselves in which  their relationship satisfaction also tends to be  lower.

“We’re wondering if this means men disconnect and replace in-person conversations with more texting,” Schade said. “Maybe as they exit the relationship, they text more frequently because that’s a safer form of communication. We don’t know why, that is just a conjecture.”

[quote_box_center]Saying something loving and caring via a text message has the same positive effect on everyone and actually increased relationship satisfaction in both partners.[/quote_box_center]

Sending loving texts to your partner can improve your relationship quality

So, girls, leave that phone down, set up a date with your loved one and instead of ‘i am sorry 🙁 BB’, tell him face to face why you are sorry, give him a chance to express how he feels too, kiss him and make up and this way improve the quality of your relationship and increase your chances of long term success.

Society and technology are trying to drive us further apart from each other, and disconnect us from what makes us human. It doesn’t have to be that way!


Source: ScienceDaily

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