During the ‘honeymoon’ period of any relationship things seem… perfect. Although stressful at times and nerve-racking, falling in love is also exciting and rewarding (Read: ‘10 Definite Signs you are in Love’).

Romantic gestures and loving words from your partner can feel overwhelming and heart warming but are also easy to fake. When two people fall in love at first, they feel like they want to do everything to make each other happy. You will want to please your partner and shower him with acts of love and affection (Read: ‘Foolproof Kissing tips for Women’.) He will most probably want to do the same.


That first stage of any romantic relationship is an amazing experience and it is meant to be filled with everything ‘too much’  – and that is the beauty of it. But as the ‘infatuation’ starts to fade and deeper love starts to set in, feelings change too and romantic gestures take a different, truer meaning.

If you suspect that your partner is falling hard for you and love is here to stay, check these following signs that he will mostly do without even realising himself and in most cases, prove that real love is in the air (Read: ‘All we Need is (True) Love’).

You catch him staring at you. At first, this will be normal and expected especially when sexual desire will be at its highest peak. When everything settles down and you get ‘used’ to being together, catching your partner secretly staring at you its an amazing feeling. Especially with all the ‘eye candy’ out there, if its you he prefers to look at then his affection runs deep.


He tells you his secrets. Sharing information that has a potential to make you see him in a new light and opens up to potentially harmful judgment is something that most men, if not all, do not choose to engage in with any partner. Awkward secrets is a sign of weakness but if a guy really loves you and trusts you he will tell you things that he most probably hasn’t told anyone else (Read: ‘The Past doesn’t Define us; re-learn to Trust’).

He communicates. Communication between couples is an interesting and complex thing. Many couples confuse ‘talking’ with actual communication. Relationships bring together two totally emotionally different people who in turn bring their own past history, expectations, traumas and communication skills to the fold.

Meaningful communication where two people actively listen and respect each other,  try to understand the other person’s point of view and show empathy towards each other is different than talking about everyday topics (Read: Healing Listening).


If he talks to you about his feelings, his desires, his thoughts and he wants to know everything about your life, to connect at a deeper level and build a better relationships while he also gives you the space for personal development then he is the real deal.

He is not afraid to apologise. He will respect you when things get rocky, will listen to your perspective, won’t like it when you feel upset or down and desires to bring things back to normal without hiding or burying negative feelings that might resurface later. Contrary to the unfounded belief that ‘love means never having to say you’re sorry’, successful in-love couples admit when they are wrong and are not too proud to apologise (Read: ‘Sorry is the Hardest Word’).

He compromises. A person who loves you will not make ‘winning’ a conflict his goal. Instead, he will make you feel comfortable and safe in a conflict situation and able to express your thoughts and emotions on the specific subject without being fearful of his reaction. He will understand that no one can ever meet each others needs completely and will compromise without having a ‘things have to be my way or else’ attitude. (Read: ‘20 Ways to Not Lose your Wife’).


He avoids hurting you. A partner who really loves you will not want to see you getting hurt. Although, this is sometimes unavoidable, he will be there for you through those times and will be respectful of your feelings. Successful couples don’t take out their problems on each other, they are open to change and make an ongoing effort towards nurturing their relationship.

He will never use damaging or insulting words in order to hurt you and he will try to find a way to respectfully solve any conflict. Being revengeful is not in any way a feeling associated with true love; instead your partner will always try to be on your side regardless of your ups and downs and  will do his best to protect you.

Small touches make all the difference. Even in long-term relationships, people in love can’t keep their hands off each other. Small little everyday ‘touch gestures happen unconsciously and are signs of a deeper connection. A kiss on your forehead, a soft touch to the small of your back, stroking your hair, a little touch to the back of your neck, or your arms and small cuddles here and there, do make all the difference and is how your man will show you how much he really cares.


He appreciates you. Although taking someone for granted is tempting, men who really love their women make a conscious effort to appreciate everything they do for them. The magnitude of the act is not really important.

By appreciating your differences, not focusing on small mishaps in the present and reflecting on all the ways you contribute to the relationship and all your small or big acts of ‘giving’, he builds a bond or respect, admiration and acceptance.

He respects you. A person who loves you, will want you to be happy. That means he will make you feel like you are an individual with your own hopes, wishes, visions  and wants. You won’t feel suppressed or suffocated in the relationship. Instead, you will feel like your own dreams for your future matter, too.

He tells you he loves you and he means it. Even after a long time of being together, couples who are in love cant help themselves than tell each other how they feel about them.

Healthy relationships are built on give and take. ‘If you expect to get what you want 100% of a time in a relationship, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Healthy relationships are built on compromise, and it takes work on each person’s part to make sure that there is a reasonable exchange’, (HelpGuide.org).

Are there other ways your partner shows you he truly loves you?


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  1. A man who truly loves a woman, understands her non verbal language and tries to help her and give her a break when she is tired, sleep deprived and overworked.

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