Soy wax is my personal preference of wax to use, but there are many different kinds that come in various     forms. I choose soy wax because it is much better for the environment and doesn’t make a lot of soot (if any)! It also burns slower allowing for longer lasting candles, it allows for a good clean burn, it is the healthiest of waxes to breathe in and it is very easy to clean, just to name a few of my reasons for choosing it.

Making soy candles is great for a new hobby, less expensive for gift giving, and saves you money from ever having to buy candles again! Making candles is fun for a family project, my nine year old daughter, and my teenage son love helping me and decorating the jars is a fun project on its own.

In regards to fragrance oils; the amount of fragrance to use can be played with but usually about 8%-12% of the weight of your wax your using so about 1 ml for a typical 8 oz. mason jar. 1 ounce of fragrance to 1 pound of dry wax flakes is what I do and it works great for me, but don’t forget it’s your preference.

Recommended but not necessary here are a few extra steps for when you feel more comfortable:

While you wait for your wax to completely melt, set your oven to 170°. While the oven is warming, place your glass candle jars onto a cookie sheet. When your oven is ready, carefully place the cookie sheet in. Allow your jars to warm for 10-15 minutes and remove the cookie sheet from the oven. There are many ways to make candles but don’t forget that it depends on the kind of wax, and the form you choose, for example; wax flakes, chunks, blocks etc..

You can buy or make your own candle molds like the picture of the rose flowers on this page. I used a rubber mold and it worked amazing! Instead of using a double boiler you could melt the wax in the microwave (in a microwave safe plate).

Some people use crayons for color, which I very highly do not recommend it’s a waste of time, and not good for the environment. You can make your own fragrances, which I do because it’s very easy and cheap, and completely organic. You have thousands of options to make candles into your personal unique style. I think it’s original for a more memorable, meaningful surprise to a loved one. (I like to carve designs or people’s names into the glass mason jars).


I also use ribbon, stickers, pictures, sea-shells etc… There are endless possibilities.

From my experience buying wax and candle supplies from E-bay is the cheapest. I buy mason jars or other jars, tins, decorations, candle holders etc. at “The Dollar Store”.

For soy wax flakes’, measurements are as follows; 20 ounces (weight) of dry soy wax flakes is equivalent to 16 ounces of fluid volume, say you have a 8 oz mason jar you will need around 2 ounces of wax flakes, for 16 oz mason jar you want 8 ounces, 4 cups of dry wax flakes equals 2 cups of melted etc…


  • Wax flakes, color blocks, double boiler (or pot), measuring cup, thermometer, scale (if preferred), oil fragrances with perfume (essential oils don’t throw off a strong scent), glass Mason jar (any jar will do), wicks (wood or cotton), hot glue gun, glue, and spoons for stirring.


  • Glue your wick to the middle of your preferred jar.
  • You can buy pre-tabbed wicks, braided cotton and hemp work best or you can buy wooden wicks which add a crackle like a fire. I buy a roll of hemp wick and the metal tabs separately.
  • Put water in your double boiler and wax flakes in the pot that is on top. Add your color (if you prefer) to the un-melted wax. Don’t be afraid to add a couple color chips, you will learn what works for you fast.
  • It is easier if you break up the color chips as much as you can to melt and disperse faster. You can also use liquid dye.
  • While the wax is melting stir periodically to ensure the color blocks are melting while consistently checking your thermometer.


Most importantly keep checking the temperature of your wax.

  • Soy wax is the thickest out of candle waxes and make sure the temperature does not exceed 180°-185° do not exceed over 190°.
  • Add desired fragrance(s) after taking melted wax off stove at desired temperature, preferably 180°-185° immediately add fragrance(s). Stir continuously for two minutes to properly disperse fragrance throughout wax. Soy wax is very thick so you want to make sure you stir.
  • Wait for your wax to cool to around 100° before you pour it into your candle jar so the wick doesn’t detach from the glue.
  • Let finished candle cool for at least 24 hours before burning.


Jennifer is a half Irish half Venezuelan ordained minister and a mom of two. Her nursing career was cut short when she was suddenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, ending up obtaining her Liberal Arts degree, instead. Facing difficulties but remaining hopeful, stay-at-home mom Jennifer, now focuses on her love of writing and publishing her book. You can read all her thoughts here.


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