Getting you children actually want to tell you all about their day requires a lot of unsuccessful tries and some skill! All parents know that – and kinda almost mastering that skill made me really happy today.

Walking back and chatting, enjoying the ‘rare’ hot weather in The Netherlands and seeing them all excited about things, people, situations and ideas… was a great feeling…

My children are not perfect and that is great. I am not, either. Parenting is a process that is being learned every day, is unique to each parent, is different for every household and family dynamics constantly change.

However, one thing remains certain: If you really want to try to do the best you can do for your children… YOU CAN!

I was involved in a conversation this morning where some people strongly believed that punishment and fear is an effective teaching way and that ‘hitting’ your children is ok. 

I feel really glad that I am NOT one of those people and that my children do not live in such an environment. If you are –  it’s not too late. Forgive yourself and make tomorrow a day of change 🙂

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