There’s no denying that times are hard. War, abuse, violence, starvation, poverty or widespread economic breakdowns are all too commonplace in the news, across the world, without exceptions. It’s In times like these that everyone should come together – the ones who can should give to the ones who don’t have.

Giving is something we can all do, because money is not the only thing that people need. Schools, organisations, orphanages, and individuals are asking for food, clothes, old shoes, pencils and notebooks… even just someone to talk to. We are all capable of giving and making someone’s day a little bit better.

[quote_box_right]Introduce yourself to the person seated beside you or across the table. Stay awhile and stay informed of all the ways Soul Kitchen is dedicated to eliminating hunger, building relationships, and celebrating community.[/quote_box_right]

Here, at Always Ladies, this Christmas we donated to ‘families in need in the Athens area, Greece, where hard-working men and women hit hardest by budget cuts were not even able to afford heating during the winter.’ Helping others does not apply only for the holidays, of course, so we are committed to keep doing the same throughout the year, with the help of all of you who are part of our community.

Recently, we came across an amazing initiative in America. Despite the fact that most celebrities are routinely accused of callousness towards the less fortunate, that is not always true. Jon Bon Jovi proves naysayers wrong by establishing the ‘Soul Kitchen’ community restaurant.

In the ‘Soul Kitchen’ there are no menus, and no need for reservations. Customers can donate the minimum amount for their meal, or volunteer to help around the restaurant instead.

When there is love, there is plenty.

‘Soul Kitchen serves a 3-course meal based on American Regional cuisine, starting with your choice of salad or soup, followed by a choice of a fish dish, a meat dish or a vegetarian selection. The meal is finished with a fresh baked dessert. All of the dishes are made with fresh, local (and when possible) organic ingredients.’

Soul-Kitchen-at-nightAccording to the restaurant’s official website: “Our vision here at Soul Kitchen is to serve healthy, delicious, and when possible, organic meals. At Soul Kitchen you will notice there are no prices on the menu and you might have been seated with someone you don’t know.

Customers pay the minimum donation or volunteer in some way to earn a dining certificate for a meal.

At Soul Kitchen the main ingredient is Love, with a large helping of you. Our chefs prepare our healthy, delicious meals with the freshest ingredients, some grown in our own organic garden. At the JBJ Soul Kitchen all are treated with cheerfulness, kindness, and respect.”

Jon Bon Jovi whose charitable foundation, in October 2009 had already built hundreds of homes in Philadelphia, is very passionate about this project. “One in six people in America are suffering at night and going to bed hungry, and one in five families live at or below the poverty line”, he says. “Twenty-four thousand dollars for a family of four? It’s just mind-blowing”.

[quote_box_center]“What this restaurant is truly meant to do is empower. You don’t come in here with a sense of entitlement. You come in here and volunteer because we need your help.” JBJ[/quote_box_center]

We are looking forward to the public showing their full support to this charitable and heart warming cause and we expect other celebrities to follow Mr Bon Jovi’s example. If you happen to be near the area of Red Bank, N.J, do visit the restaurant to make friends, smile, help, give, volunteer, cook and feel hopeful.

(Source: The Daily Beast)

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