[dropcap type=”3″]W[/dropcap]e get bombarded daily by new trends in fashion and beauty and many times, I have to admit, it is not very easy to be up to date let alone follow them. A couple of years ago, the acronym “BB” took over the world of skincare. Everyone was talking about the BB cream. Almost a year after that, we had to move to the next letter of the alphabet as this time CC cream was introduced.

Rouge ecstasy lipstick

So, it became obvious that the alphabet had well and truly taken over the beauty department and even though we got a little apprehensive at first we adapted well to these new discoveries. So far so good, many of us will think. But then Giorgio Armani decided that we were in need of an extra grammar lesson but this time regarding the king of all cosmetics, the lipstick. And so, this September, he introduced the “CC” lipstick.

CC, in the lipstick world, stands for Color and Care

Giorgio Armani’s Rouge Ecstasy CC lipstick is, in simple words, a deeply moisturizing lip balm combined with rich lip color. Till now, intensely pigmented lipsticks were leaving lips looking dry and flaky but this new hybrid product ensures lips are repaired and moisturized, due to its special creams and Shea butter, while being vividly colored for hours.

CC lipstick shades

It comes in 36 ultra-luminous colors, all in red stunningly glossy cases, giving you 36 reasons to want to get hold to one of these. Whichever lip color catches your eye from this fall’s lipstick trends, it is guaranteed you will find it. Price-wise is not cheap, as a matter of fact it is the most expensive lipstick the brand sells as you will have to give approximately 30€ to own one of them, but it is worth it.

As winter is finally here, the CC formula ensures that you will not have to constantly moisturize your lips in order to protect them from the cold weather nor will you have to top up your lipstick color every couple of hours. In other words, it is the perfect accomplice for any low maintenance beauty friend.

Still, we should never forget that correct application is what makes an already superb lipstick exceptional. BB for now and CC you soon…

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