The now infamous Pandora commercial is generating a lot of fuss around the internet. If you are not familiar with it you can get up to date here:

So, this is what’s happening. Pandora Jewelry released the ‘Unique Connection’ – a heartwarming video in which six children, aged three to nine, participate in a small experiment alongside their mothers. The children were simply asked to try and find their moms while being blindfolded. One at a time, they were guided to the group of mothers and by touching their clothes, faces and hair they were eventually able to find their own.

The video has gone viral fairly quickly with many moms posting it on Facebook accompanied by comments such as: ‘this will make you melt’, ‘I cried so much watching this’, ‘awwww what a unique video’, etc. And while this video seems indeed harless, cute, sweet and loving to say the least, is it really that heartwarming and original or yet another commercial aiming at ‘fooling’ its viewers into buying Pandora jewelry?

The children in the video are asked to find their moms using their ‘intuition’, however, all six moms wear different clothes that surely their children remembered before their were blindfolded. They all have different hair styles; short, long, curly. The children are even seen trying to feel their moms’ hair – how is that ‘intuition’?


You don’t have to be a director to notice that the video features quite a few camera angles and probably many cuts , t – that means many opportunities to get it right if one of the children doesn’t find the right mom first time around.

Most importantly even – seriously, who  does not know what their own mom feel like? Blindfolded, I can recognise my best friend too, even amongst a group of 50 women; let alone my own mom and dad. Feature familiarity gives people that advantage, and is not really such a  big deal.

For me, the video would have had a much greater value if it hadn’t made for the purpose of conning men into buying a piece of Pandora jewelry for the ‘one in their heart’. Let’s also watch the same video minus the dramatic soft music, the moms shedding a few tears, and all the women taking part dressed exactly the same way and with their hair in a ponytail.

This is not the first time that a marketing firm decides to tug at our heart-strings. Does anyone remember that sweet dog Super Bowl commercial? What Pandora’s commercial does, however, is produce a video specifically designed to be heart-warming, but without trying to make even the laziest connection to what they’re trying to do: buy their jewelry.

Watch, smile, and then call your mum for a nice long chat. That’s the real precious moment this commercial should lead to.

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