[dropcap type=”1″]H[/dropcap]ow many times have we thought that a fashion trend was long gone but then made a come-back out of nowhere? Plenty of times; think heavy eyeliner and ripped jeans. Fashion is good at it and shows no intention of stopping it. The readdition this time is the ear cuff and once again the old becomes the new, well, new.

"Jean Paul Gaultier" Spring 2013 collection
“Jean Paul Gaultier” Spring 2013 collection

Ear cuffs were particularly popular in the 90s. Many celebrities wore them to add to the edgy look they wanted to put forward but many of us also were major followers of this trend. Quite a few years later, designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Rodarte showed their renewed preference towards this piece of jewelry, in their Spring 2013 fashion shows, resulting in them becoming the “guest of honor” on many of the female guests ears on the 2013s Met Gala.

This time around ear cuffs had a major facelift transforming them from the simple metal cuffs they used to be, to wrapped-around-almost-your-entire-ear pieces, often fully-gem encrusted that can require no piercing whatsoever!

Precious gems, pearls, feathers, chains, are only a few of the materials that decorate them. For an afternoon drink with your girlfriends, pick one with colorful feathers to add a bit of grunge to your look. If you have a date with your boyfriend, try a gem-encrusted one for a bit of extra sparkle. You can even wear them at a job interview retaining your punky style yet being as formal and stylish as necessary, just choose a more discrete and simple style.

For your look to be successful, though, a few rules need to be followed:

  • Only wear one, or you will risk looking like a jewelry store.
  • Remove all other earrings and let this be your statement piece.
  • Pull your hair to the side or put them in a ponytail. There is no reason in wearing one if you are going to hide it behind your hair.
  • Exaggerate a little with your make-up going for a dark smokey-eye look that will boost your look further.

There is definitely a style for everyone and in 2014 their fame is thought to climb further up the popularity ladder. So, learn your ear “rights” this year as these cuffs are going to make a statement after all!

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