As of a few days ago, spring is officially here and even though the weather might think otherwise we will soon need to leave behind our winter ensembles and move into more “hot waters”. Fashion designers have already presented their spring/summer 2014 collections so that we could be prepared for spring’s freshness and summer’s warm night breeze.

Many women, including myself, when they think about what-to-wear the first thing that pops into their mind is shoes. You find the pair of shoes you want to walk on and the rest follows. The most accessible and affordable way into new season and fashion trends is shoes.

Spring is the time to slowly allow our toes to feel the air and sun again. We had them “locked up” in boots and wellies and now is the time to set them free. Indulge in a nice pedicure and while you wait for the nailpolish to set, check out this season’s hottest shoe trends. Your toes will curl in anticipation of your next visit to the nearest shoe boutique.


We all know that a bit of exercise is necessary for our physical and mental wellbeing. Apparently, designers wanted to make sure we get the message and so, they decided to present it to us more stylishly by creating athletic-like shoes. The comfort of these type of shoes is indisputable and so is their funkyness. Laces, mixed-and-match materials in neon colors and chunky soles have been used to prevent the I-forgot-to-take-off-my-shower-flip-flops look (and disguise the fact you are actually wearing heels). The only two rules you need to remember to master this type of shoe is:

  1. choose a pair that has a bit of femininity embellished to it, like crystals
  2. always dress them up by pairing them with a multi colored tennis-style dress (Prada has mastered this look) or with metallic athletic-type shorts


Inspired Platforms

They were and still are the all time classic shoe designs for summer. Do not let their massive heels nor their extraordinary wedge heel designs fool you because platforms these season are extra sweet, girly, alluring, roughly slim, artistic and masculine.

Gladiator style

Gladiator shoes have been in fashion for quite some time now. To be honest, I am not really fond of them, yet many women seem to love them. Designers presented them once again in many different styles:

  • Flats: for a more casual look that you can easily wear to the beach or for an afternoon walk with your girlfriends
  • Heels: either as a nice pair of ankle booties or a pair of elegant stilettos or even a pair of tracker-soled sandals, they will definitely provide all the elegance you require plus a bit of a dominatrix kind of look


Yes, boots! They were a must-have during winter and they still are during spring. This time around, however, designers showed their romantic side. While others clearly got along really well with vinyl or unique sculptural heels, others decided to give them a vintage look my embedding floral patterns on them. And of course the length of the boot is never an obstacle. From thigh-high to open-toe knee boots to booties, there is one style you will go for this season.

Boys style

A bit of manly inspiration to a woman’s charm is guaranteed to create an alluring result, whether as a pair of oxford-style medium heel loafers or lace-up flats. These type of shoes are comfortable and ideal for a professional, yet stylish look, at the office. Still, always remember to put feminine details to your overall outfit by using different texture textiles and colors.


Many designers decided that this season the back of the shoe was no longer necessary and resurfaced the mules. While it can be a difficult shoe to walk on, especially if you are in a hurry and have to walk fast, mules are one of the most feminine shoe designs. Their return has been intorduced in all forms and sizes. From wooden-heeled eccentric platforms to block or specially sculpted heels to never-fading stiletto heels, mules deserve a place on your shoe wardrobe this season.


This trend is sure to bring a bit of an edge to the footwear scene. The delicate T-strap design, that was very hot during winter, has been accompanied by a more strict cuff. Flowers, bow-ties, straps, animal prints, floral designs, metallics, transparent materials, stilettos or chunky heels are only some of the styles you will come across. Pair them with a mini-skirt and your summer is going to be really hot. The only drawback they have is that you need to have a slim ankle, otherwise they can be really unflattering.


Pointy toe flats and stilettos are going to become a real hit, fashion editors believe. The thuth is that they are really cool in their mini heels, extremely attractive in their high heel stiletto heels and really futuristic in their flat version with transparent details. You can resist to that?

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