There is a new nail trend in town this autumn, ladies. For the last year, probably a bit longer, the nail art/gel frenzy has taken over the nail world. This new season, however, a new nail look is in town, The Flip manicure.

A flip manicure is an “undernail” manicure; painting the back side of your nails, the part of the nail you see when you hold your hand up facing away from your face. Decorating your nails underneath does sound a bit bizarre, after all, who really looks at the other side of your nails.

Ciara's flip manicure
Ciara’s flip manicure

This new trend, however, is slowly taking off with those who really like to keep up with celebrities; Ciara was one of the first celebrities to decorate the back side of her nails.

Of course, this trend requires extra long nails, the type of nails you cannot really do anything without scratching yourself or others and you are ready to go.

Even though you do not need to buy any special products to achieve this look, Christian Louboutin thinks otherwise and created a real treat for all you fashionistas.

The legend of the red sole back in 1993 in a studio in Paris, felt that something was missing from his shoes. As his assistant Sarah sat nearby, painting her nails, on a spur of the moment he snatched the bottle of nail polish off her and coated the sole in a striking shade of red. Today, in his own words “I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago” and, hence his “Discover beauty” nail line.

Loubi Under Red by Louboutin
Loubi Under Red by Louboutin

A new nail product, available from today on its official website, called “Loubi Under Red”, is the first nail polish for the underside of your nails (or to draw straight, clean lines on top). Instead of a brush, it has a tiny felt marker tip that allows you to easily paint the bottom of your nail without getting polish on your finger.

Of course, $45 for a nail polish is not something many women are willing to spend but maybe this will be the closest some of us will ever get to owning a “red sole” and why not, for all nail biters out there, consider this your motivation to break the habit.

Tip: It is important to paint the top of your fingernails with an opaque polish. Red polish under bare nails, or even a sheer nude, looks like your fingers are bleeding.

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