As the weather gets warmer, we are in search of the newest trends not only for clothes and makeup but hair too. The latest technique we need to know about is foilyage, the hottest new hair trend this spring.

Foilyage is a brand-new color method that creates a sun-kissed color design at the ends of the hair while avoiding bulk areas at the root. This new method, which was developed by colorist Hitomi Ikeda of New York City’s Louis Licari Salon, combines the painting technique of balayage, a technique that has been around for a long time even if people don’t know exactly what it is, with the vibrant results of foil highlights.

Whereas balayage involves directly painting dye onto hair freehand and can be really messy, it usually requires additional heat be added to the hair to lift the color. Foilyage allows a compromise producing the signature subtle balayage look but focusing the brightness on the ends using foil.

Foilyage-Hair-Style Like with ombré, the coloring technique that dominated 2014 but which can be very time consuming requiring colorists to painstakingly tease hair to separate each area, foilyage is a great way if you want to go lighter and not keep visiting your hair stylist for monthly touch-ups.

Your stylist can leave the hair at the top in their natural color and work with the rest by painting a different dye on the ends, which then get sealed off in vertical strips of foil. The end result is a sun-kissed color, like you were just at the beach, but which doesn’t look like you intentionally got your hair done.

The beauty part of foilyage is that it is easy to care for since you can go three to four months between touch-ups as the base color remains intact at the top. It also works well for every hair length and color, even though the trend seems to be the biggest hit for brunettes probably because using the foil technique to highlight can keep brassiness, a common problem for dyed brown hair, at bay.

Still, highlights can be very harsh to fine or blonde hair as there is more of a possibility that there will be breakage for the hair. Therefore, always take the advice of your hairdresser and use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to take care of your hair afterwards.

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