Men mostly complain that women are moody; and that is not science fiction. Women are indeed moody at least for 10 days a year a poll showed. I would say that is an understatement since female hormones are to blame for most of those crumpy episodes. According to this poll: ‘Two thirds of women also agreed women are moodier than men, with one in seven women saying they spend longer in a huff than they do happy. Of the 1000 men polled 68 per cent admitted to zoning out when their wife or girlfriend is feeling low, but a brave 15 per cent tell her to snap out of it.’

Psychotherapist Sally Brown, says: “Moods are a barometer of our overall wellbeing. Women crave ‘me time’ and men tend to rely on their partners to help lift them out of their moods. It’s also not surprising then that 23 per cent of those polled said their ‘moodiness’ was affecting their relationship. Thankfully lifestyle choices, such as making sure you surround yourself with ‘happy’ people, will work as an antidote and there are often simple ways to help boost our mood as revealed with half of those polled opting for a simple warm bath to lift a mood”

Here are the most common triggers that affect women so negatively:

  • Being overweight
  • Partner not listening
  • Feeling under the weather
  • Weather/ bad weather
  • Not having enough money
  • Technology e.g. internet crashing / computer not working
  • Feeling undervalued
  • No one helping with anything
  • Time of the month
  • Having nothing to wear
  • Having a bad hair day
  • Keeping on top of housework / washing
  • A boring life
  • Heavy workload
  • Colleagues not pulling their weight
  • Being hungry
  • Children not listening
  • Public transport being late
  • Hating your job
  • Waking up with a spot
  • Knowing what to cook for dinner every night
  • Your boss putting pressure on you
  • Ungrateful children
  • Your friends’ Facebook updates
  • Going through menopause

Pretty much everything then. But don’t men get moody too?According to GP Dr. Hilary Jones they do. “Hormones can have a huge impact on both sexes lives. We shouldn’t underestimate the effect hormones also have on men’s lives. Two fifths of men claimed their moods were increasing as they aged and the ‘manopause’ is very real for men as they deplete in testosterone.’’

So, what should we do? Firstly, men need to understand that a woman’s nature is such that it allows for more moodiness throughout the year. On the other hand, women need to acknowledge that their men are also affected by hormonal changes and that they still need some support and TLC, thought maybe a little less. Compromise is the magic word here, and there is nothing love can’t fix.


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