Every season fashion trends change but if you follow them carefully you will notice that throughout the years they move in a circular manner following the drift “what goes around comes around”.

polka-dots red dress

Designers have long proved that they love all kind of graphic design prints. Floral and leopard prints, geometrical shapes, stripes and zigzag, tropical; they have used many, many times. The one design that stands the test of time better than any other and it is even worn by the universe itself are the Polka dots.

From Polka dancers in the 19th century, where they originally got their name from, to Minnie mouse in 1928 and Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” in 1990, polka dots never really leave the fashion scene; they just go quiet for a while until they resurface. This Fall/Winter they are making a big comeback and how couldn’t they? Besides being girly and cute, they are also classy, retro and elegant, feminine and funky, and exceptionally versatile.

Miuccia Prada, the designer of high fashion house Miu Miu, stated that she feels strangely drawn to them over and over again and so she did once more this fall and created the Miu Miu Fall 2013 Ready to Wear collection.

Many women, however, are very skeptical about them but, actually, they can look good on anyone since they come in almost any fashion item. Shoes, clothes, hats, scarves, swimsuits, bags, even hosiery; they cover everything. Whether the dots are big or small, bright or neutral, the ways to wear them are many:

  1. The classic way. One item is enough to make a statement. So choose a polka dot shirt with basic black skinny trousers, match them with a pair of extra stylish booties, another hot trend for this season, and you will excel. For a more playful look, try multicolored polka dotted jeans with a plain top. Or, if you prefer skirts, choose a midi polka dot skirt with a solid sweater. Either way, you will look magnificent.

polka-dots and jeans

  1. The stylish way. A sheer polka dot dress is the perfect choice for a truly sophisticated and elegant look.  And if you are soon to be married why not go for a polka dot wedding dress; the choices are numerous and you will surely look extra feminine and unique on your special wedding day.

polka-dots sheer dress

  1. The extreme way. If you truly want to go a step further, wear “all” in polka dot. Combine trousers with big dots and a top with smaller ones in reverse colors and you are definitely going to make a statement. Just remember that head-to-toe looks are difficult to pull off and you surely need a lot of attitude to do it successfully.

big and small polka dots

  1. The wild way. Mix and match them with other prints like leopard or floral, paying attention the other print to be on an accent color that is also on your polka dot. Also pay attention to scale; if the dots are big then choose a smaller leopard pattern and vice versa, otherwise your outfit will look messy and unflattering.

 mix and match polka

  1. The hesitant way. If you are not very comfortable in wearing dots in any of the above ways yet you want to be in-fashion, go for the safe option and choose only an accessory in Polka dots such as a pair of dotted flats or even a handbag.

 polka-dots bag

  1. The nail way. If none of the above tempted you, how about trying wearing dots a bit more uniquely? In your nails, for example?  Maybelline New York has created a limited edition nail polish (Maybelline color show Polka Dots) that will sprinkle your nail with colorful dots. They come in 5 spot-on shades that are worth trying. The only problem is they are hard to take-off (like all glitter nail polishes).

Maybelline polka dots

I have to admit that this fashion trend was never my favorite; I always found it too girly and retro for my liking. Still, I recently bought a black sheer polka dot top without actually realizing that it was polka dots that I was going for because until then whenever I was thinking about dots in fashion Minnie mouse’s red and white polka dot dress instantly came to my mind. Of course in Minnie mouse it looks very cute and girly but in me? Thanks but no thanks, I will have to politely reply.

After wearing that top for the first time I came to realize that I don’t just like them but in fact I absolutely love their sheer alternative. I remember I went for a total black look. I picked up a black pencil skirt with a thin shiny black belt to go with it, high heels and a Chanel style quilted handbag and I cannot remember when the last time I got so many compliments was.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are self-conscious about a specific part of yourself avoid wearing them on that area because they are quite an attention seeker.
  • Keep the jewelry simple as dots and too much sparkle do not go well together.
  • It is not so much the size of the dots that matters but the contrast it has on the print. A woman with fair complexion for example will look better in a high-contrast polka dot.
  • Plus-size women can wear polka dots and look amazing. Pick prints with small dots to avoid drawing too much attention to areas you prefer to leave unnoticed and you are ready to go.
This winter, instead of crossing the dots wear them and they will instantly lift your spirits no matter how dull and tedious your day is! But never forget the most important fashion rule: If you don’t feel comfortable in them then do not wear them, no matter what any fashion designer thinks!
Lab scientist, sharp dresser and cooking guru Maria is one half of the original alwaysladies.com founding team. She brings her opinions with earnestness and a smile, even when there are razor blades inside.

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