Sunglasses are a must-have accessory all year round. Their use extends much further than their obvious and original purpose, to protect our precious eyes against the sun and its harmful UV rays. They are increasingly worn as a refuge after a rough, sleepless night, as well as a mean to create mystery surrounding the wearer’s mood.

As fashion trends change from season to season for clothes, shoes, handbags, the same happens for sunglasses too. Together with the wayfarers and aviators, that remain perfectly popular once again this summer, new trends are here to spice things up in the eye-wear world and place you in a hottest spot of the trendsetter category.

women-wearing-sunglassesThough, some of you will notice that the sunglasses trends for 2014 are not that different from last year’s or the year’s before, designers have managed to reinvent them and give them a touch of extra freshness and innovation. The sunny weather is upon us and as we are going to be spending more time outdoors, it is time to invest into a new pair of “sunnies”.

Cat-eye frames: this is a style I adore. The minute you own such a pair you feel like a Marilyn-Monroe-movie-star diva. Even though, some find this style a bit provocative, it is very elegant and sophisticated. Designers, this summer, played with different colors, for a girly, playful look and gems, for an avant-garde style. Still, they could not resist the all-time black classic glamour either.

Mirrored frames: This type of sunglasses have been quite popular in the early 80s but this time round the reflective optical coating has reached new levels while decorating new shapes. In the past, it was aviator sunnies that were directly linked to mirrored lenses but today they decorate all different types of sunglasses shape. As for the colors to choose from? The reflective shades range from classic metallic gold to vibrant blue to green to dark/black, the choice is yours. Just remember to keep all other accessories as minimal as possible. Too much shine can be overwhelming.

Clear frames: The transparent trend, this season, has been seen in everything from shoes to handbags to raincoats. Sunglasses could not just sit back without being a part of it also. Clear frames are perfect if you want to create a perfect balance between a classic pair of sunglasses while making a statement. Choose dark colors for a more conservative look or bright ones with mirrored lenses for more fun.

Round frames: John Lennon has been the epitome of round frames. They were extremely popular back then but they are also popular today. These retro-style sunglasses, I personally think that they are more appealing nowadays, thanks to their fresh colors and flattering styles. Own a pair if you want to add a 90s touch to your overall look.

Sunglasses can transform a boring outfit instantly with minimum effort. The key, however, for a fashion trend to look good on you is to always go for styles that suit your personal style and in this case, the shape of your face:

  • oval face – you are the most lucky of all, as all styles and frames suit you. All you need is the will to experiment
  • square face – rounded,  teardrop or oval shapes, as well as cat-eye styles will soften the “roughness” of your face
  • round face – oversized- rectangular sunglasses and classic wayfarers will add a little edge to the softness of a round face and make it look longer. Stick to black or dark colored frames
  • heart-shaped face – cat-eye, aviator and round styles will bring balance to your bone structure

Have a lovely summer, ladies!

Lab scientist, sharp dresser and cooking guru Maria is one half of the original founding team. She brings her opinions with earnestness and a smile, even when there are razor blades inside.

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