[dropcap type=”3″]L[/dropcap]ately you have been very busy and stressed with work to the point of collapse. By the time you finish work you are completely drained. The only thing you want is something to relax your senses, soothe your aching muscles and pamper your skin with minimum effort.

Stubborn but utterly cute
Stubborn but utterly cute

All you need is a nice hot bath to make you feel like Cleopatra; luxurious, yet delicate, and extremely moisturising so that you won’t have to apply body moisturiser afterwards (a virtue you secretly hate but have to do after a shower for velvety skin). Your new partner to beauty “crime”, while bathing, is Donkey milk!

Wait a minute: donkey milk? They milk donkeys? Yes, actually they do and it is a very tedious process. And they use their milk for beauty purposes? Well, for quite some time now.

Legend has it that Cleopatra had baths in donkey’s milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin. Most precisely she needed the milk from 700 donkeys for her daily pampering. Whether this is true or not is unknown but the truth is that donkey milk has many benefits:

  • it is rich in vitamins (vitamins A, B2, C and E) which give it many anti-aging and skin regenerating properties

  • it contains plenty nourishing lipids and minerals ensuring the wellness and softness of the skin

  • it is excellent for the treatment of very dry skin, eczema and psoriasis since it contains omega-3  and omega-6 fatty acids

  • it is the only milk that is so similar to human milk and can be used as a substitute for human milk in cases of food allergies

  • it also has antibacterial properties since it contains the enzyme Lysozeme

  • in ancient Greece they used it for its medicinal properties to cure arthritis and heal wounds

  • it contains more lactose and less fat than cow’s milk

Never a soap has been so gentle on your skin
Never a soap has been so gentle on your skin

Donkey milk products range from a wide range of facial creams and lotions as well as soaps and cream baths. They are so pure that they can be used on any skin type even the most sensitive one, from younger skin for moisture to more mature skin for anti-wrinkle protection. It can also be used on babies (products specially designed for babies).

Whichever product you choose, you will instantly feel the difference on your skin. Day by day your skin will become smoothier, softer, healthier and you will be able to say goodbye to irritating dryness and itchiness once and for all.

A drawback for some is that its products are not easily accessible. That is not a marketing stunt  to make them more popular. That is because the amount of milk a donkey produces is not much and it needs a lot of care and bonding to provide it to you. Still, you will be able to find them in good organic beauty shops or buy them online.

The minute you try this “white gold of beauty” as many people refer to it by, it will instantly become your purest beauty ally … It did for me!


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