[dropcap type=”1″]A[/dropcap]study trying to understand women and crime , started investigating the possibility that women who have been victims of domestic violence, have turned to committing crimes themselves. Domestic violence has always been a very strong controversial subject and we have also talked about it here.

PhD research student Joanna Roberts, from the University’s Department of Criminology, is the researcher behind this new study that is investigating the connection between domestic violence and how it can affect female criminality. But how does any of  this affect or involve  us?

If proven likely, it would give us a better insight into why specific groups of women commit crimes,  and it would emphasize the necessity of raising awareness on domestic abuse and domestic violence and its destructive and damaging consequences.

An estimated 50%-80% of UK’s female prison population have been victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse

According to Dr Hodgkinson,Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Joanna’s supervisor: “Joanna’s research is a timely and significant piece of research giving these women the opportunity to share their experiences in a way that reflects the complexities of the relationship between their suffered abuse and their criminal history.

Her research will greatly enhance our understanding of these women, the choices and dilemmas they face, and how they can be best supported, so her research will have an important impact on future policy and practice in the field.”

In a surprisingly high figure that has been revealed recently, nearly an estimated 50%-80% of UK’s female prison population have been victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse. The findings also noted that the percentage of female prisoners that have experienced such abuse is much higher than that of men’s. Like we also mentioned in this article, men can also be the victims of abuse and it does happen more than we think.

[quote_box_center]This is good news to all women worldwide;  by defining how domestic abuse affects the possibility and likelihood of women to commit crimes, “this study could help to prioritize initiatives that address domestic violence, safeguarding women and reducing offending”.[/quote_box_center]

Source: ScienceDaily

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