It is summer. What is super sexy to wear in summer? Many will say tiny shorts and crop tops. Still, this summer sexy refers to revealing the skin of your body’s most elegant erogenous zone, the back.

As each and everyone of us has certain body issues we do not feel comfortable about, super short skirts or shorts, semi-transparent tops and/or plunging V-necks are not always the best option. And let’s not forget what cellulite can do to our self-esteem.

A backless dress, however, is the choice that everyone can master in all of its elegance.

backless-maxi-dressA backless dress can be as impressive as a seductive decollete, if even more so. Whether it’s strapped or cut out, offering a slight peep or full exposure, this sexy style offers a surprising showcase of skin for warm weather dressing.

Whether you have a formal event to attend to, like your best friends wedding, or you are on holiday on a Greek island, opting for a backless dress is more than ideal. Of course, in order to master the art of wearing it, there are some tips you need to be aware of.

Select the proper dress

The first step, as with any fashion trend, is to find the piece that suits your body type best. A backless dress is a much safer option if you don’t have the body proportions of Cara Delevingne, yet that doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to detail:

  • if you have small signs of fatty layers on your back, go for a dress that is not open all the way down to your waist
  • if you are medium to short heighted, it is better to choose short backless dresses
  • if you are tall with an impeccable figure, a long, figure hugging version will be exceptional as will also be a short, tight-fitting backless dress
  • if you are soon to be married, consider a backless wedding dress for ultimate elegance and sophistication

Select the proper underwear

Many of you with a voluptuous decollete will instantly think that this type of dress is out of reach. Think again, ladies. There are so many different kinds of bras available that you will certainly find one that fits you.

If you are one of the lucky ones and your bust is raised to the occasion, then you can go braless. Just remember to use Band-Aid tape or specifically designed silicone gel petals, to cover your nips to avoid the standing-out-nipple effect.

For small to moderate size bust, an adhesive bra can be a solution, even though they do not offer great support and might make you really self-conscious. A multiway bra is a far better option, since the straps are wrapped around your waist. So is a sheer lace body, which will actually offer support but will also add to the sexiness of the total look.

Pamper your back’s skin

Revealing your back means that all looks will focus there. Your skin needs to be velvety soft and what a better way to achieve that with a homemade sugar body scrub. Your skin will rejuvenate becoming velvety soft and moisturized.

Keep your hair high

A backless dress needs to be shown. There is no point in wearing one if you are going to leave your long locks cover your sexy back.  Wear your hair up to fully show off your back, or for a more enticing look, wear your hair half down, allowing part of it to dangle down your back.

Don’t overdo it with the accessories

Your back is on the limelight with such a dress and accessories should be kept minimal. Do not wear a necklace, as you don’t want attention to both your back and front. Instead, choose a lovely pair of earrings, or elegant ear-cuffs and a simple bracelet. Everything else is just excess.

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