The evolution of ordinary cake led to cupcakes; mini, portable cakes with all sort of exciting frosting and flavors. Still, evolution did not stop there. A new love was about to be discovered, one named Cake Pops.

Cake pops are pixie frosting-coated cake balls; on a stick.

The idea was initially discovered as chefs wanted to do something with their cake leftovers. The easiest thing to do was to mix them up with icing or some other binding ingredient, roll them into small balls, let them solidify and afterwards coat them with chocolate. Still, a bit of extra magic was necessary and it came in the form of a stick. Cake Pops were born.

Cake pops bitten

You can easily prepare them using any kind of cake; not only cake leftovers, and they are numerous ideas available for decoration. From a single cake you can make up to 50 pieces which are portable, cute and most importantly, portion controlled.

They lovers are numerous. And how couldn’t they be? Take a bite and an explosion of taste is guaranteed in your mouth. Their crispy coating with their soft delicious center will send you on a sweet journey to “dessert heaven”.

When a big coffeehouse chain put them on their menus many feared that they were going to become cheesy and eventually forgotten. But they were wrong. They are frequently chosen for weddings, birthday parties and all kind of occasions and are considered one of today’s trendiest and versatile desserts.

[pull_quote_center]Bite them and you will instantly love them because never before had a cake on a stick tasted better![/pull_quote_center]

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